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Fireworks Increase Roof Fire Risk

Many homeowners and their families will be celebrating our nation’s independence day by gathering around the grill and lighting fireworks. While fireworks usually bring the fun, they can also bring an increased risk of fire danger. Each year hundreds of people are displaced from their homes because of roof fires caused by fireworks. Here is how to stay safe this holiday season:

Clean up debris – Dry leaves, sticks and trash tend to accumulate along the valleys of your roof and corners of the yard. These materials can quickly turn a small spark into a blazing fire. Regardless of the time of year regular roof maintenance and cleaning is important to the safety of your home.

Do not light fireworks in your own backyard – This is especially true for those living urban or densely populated areas. It is difficult to control fireworks in close quarters, and even a light breeze could blow a spark onto your roof.  If you are going to light fireworks, keep it minimal to something easily controlled like a sparkler.

Leave it to the pros—There really is nothing better than a professionally organized fireworks show. The family can enjoy more sparks and bangs, while there is zero risk to you and your home.

Signs Of A Leaky Roof

While you might think that a leaking roof is obvious to spot, there are many subtle signs that your roof could be suffering from water damage long before the problem costs you the big bucks. Knowing how to spot signs of roof damage early on can save you money and could even protect your health.

Water Weakens

The problems that water can cause to an old roof are far reaching. Not only can water damage weaken the structural integrity of your roof, but it can also facilitate the development of mold and mildew; both of which can have ill effects on the health of the home’s inhabitants. Here are a few signs to look out for when keeping an eye on out for water damage:

  • Loose or missing shingles from the valleys of your roof line or around attic vents
  • Portions of the roof deck sagging or appearing to be warped
  • Dark spots in roof materials or areas where roof debris are chronically moist
  • Dripping of water inside the attic or ceilings
  • A musty smell, which may be accompanied by breathing problems.

If you encounter any of these problems, contact a local roofer right away. Water damage can be serious business and it is important to let a professional assess and repair any damage.

Roof Collapse Due to Construction Flaw

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital’s Windermere Nursing and Rehabilitation Center ‘s porch roof collapsed Wednesday morning when a worker was standing on it to replace the second story windows. Fortunately no one was injured and the man was able to propel himself through the window opening to escape from falling.

When the 10 by 12 foot section of roof tore away from the siding it damaged part of the fire sprinkler system which resulted in flooding 2 long term care apartments.

An Oak Bluffs building inspector and structural engineer hired by Windermere determined the roof problems were due to the porch not being properly attached to the 19 year old building.

According to newspaper archives, Facility Design and Management of Andover designed the building and general contractor Congress Construction Company of Danvers built it.

”We were very lucky”

Tim Walsh, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital chief executive officer said “We were very lucky. In a way it’s a blessing. Nobody was hurt and we discovered the problem. This could have happened when somebody was sitting on the deck.”

Hospital officials closed off access to all the porches until they are inspected and either determined to be safe or after roof repair.

The windows were being replaced as part of the hospital announcement in February that the Nursing and Rehabilitation Center would be receiving major renovations. $3 million to fund a complete remodel of the hospital’s rotting wooden exterior and worn out rooms and furniture.

Part of the renovation includes replacing all windows, exterior doors, decking and siding and is scheduled to be completed by September.

Rain Victims Get Roof Donations

The Northern Region of Ghana has been hit continuously by rain storms in recent weeks, leaving thousands of people without shelter. Reportedly displacing as many as 10,000 people and responsible for five deaths, these treacherous rains have caused devastation in an already struggling region of Africa. However, one company has stepped up to help this destructed community rebuild.

Reaching Out

Metalex Groups Companies has donated 100 bundles of roofing materials to the National Disaster Management Organization to aid in the rebuilding efforts. The roofing sheets provided by Metalex will go to support the victims and help repair houses that were destroyed by the rainstorms. Some of the materials will go towards rebuilding schools so that the local children can return to school and resume instruction.

Metalex Groups Company is one of the area’s leading metal roofing supply companies. The General Manager cites the company’s corporate social responsibility for the driving factor behind the donation.

Signs Of Roof Collapse

Some of the country is still experiencing heavy snowfall from winter storms. Even in climates where snow load isn’t a problem, there are issues that can threaten the integrity of a roof. Knowing the signs of a roof collapse can save lives and prevents thousands of dollars in additional roof repair costs.

Staying Safe

Most cities have a builder’s code that enforces specific guidelines for roofing protocol. The code generally outlines rules for roof replacement, types of roof materials approved for use, limiting the number of material layers, and even outlines maximum weight load for a specific building. While not all roof problems result from the construction of the building, these safety codes are meant to protect people from the dangers associated with roof collapse.

Some of the warning signs that a roof may be dangerous are:

  • Cracking, sagging, or water soaked materials
  • Popping, cracking or groaning noises
  • Cracks suddenly appearing in walls
  • Bowing of walls or support columns
  • Sudden roof leaks
  • Door frames and window frames warping
  • Sprinkler heads can start pushing down below the normal height of the ceiling

Avoid entering buildings with any of these signs, and call the local authorities to report the potential for danger.



Emergency Roof Repair for Connecticut School

The West Gym at Cheshire High School is closed as workers start repairing the roof. Earlier in the month a maintenance worker found that the rubber roof membrane had shifted, moving the under layment and insulation and exposing metal bolts on the 21 year old roof.

Officials believe it was a combination of age of the roof and the wind from Hurricane Sandy that caused the damage. The roof work will begin as soon as possible to prevent upcoming snow loads to further damage the roof and possibly collapse. Approximately half of the 11,000 square foot roof was damaged.

Board Filed Insurance Claims

The Board of Education approved a contract with Silktown Roofing of Manchester to replace the gym roof for $219,000. The project is eligible for a 40% reimbursement from the state due to the emergency situation and may also qualify for FEMA funds if it is found that the winds from Hurricane Sandy caused the damage.

The roofing project is expected to take 8 days and will begin next week. The roofers will only remove the damaged roof in what they can replace each day.

Testing was done to insure there was no asbestos to remove. After the roof repair is complete, the gym will need to air out and make sure all the dust and debris has been removed.

Approximately 1,600 students attend the public Cheshire High School on South Main Street.

Wind Damages On A Roof

Even outside of hurricane season, high winds can be a problem for a roof. Homes with improperly maintained roofs are especially vulnerable to water leaks, gaps in the roof materials and problems with insulation efficiency. Anytime there is a storm it is important to inspect your roof for damage.

Far Reaching Effects

Many people experience roof damage in the form of broken or missing shingles. While this is certainly a common problem, high winds can also result in a separation of roof materials from the underlying base materials. This can cause a gap in  the fascia boards, attic vents, and other roof structures; all of which can increase the chances for water to get into the attic. Water damage can quickly spiral into mildew and mold problems, some of which could be hidden under insulation or in unreachable areas of the attic. Once this happens, the costs for roof repair and attic material replacement can be expensive.

The energy efficiency of any home is largely controlled by attic insulation materials. Most air leaks are found around skylights, vent pipes, chimney and the meeting point between the roof and sidewalls. Gaps in the roof and wall materials can allow for there to be airflow in the attic, allowing for the air heated or cooled from the house to escape, and allowing outside air in.

Have a roof contractor inspect your home after a major storm to ensure the roof is properly maintained. The small cost of a professional inspection can save you thousands in repairs that could have been avoided down the line.


Volunteers Help save Roof of Great Auditorium

The Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove New Jersey suffered a damaged roof from Hurricane Sandy. The 89 mph wind gusts got under the 30 year old stainless steel roof and tore it off the building.

The 4,000 square foot roof section ripped off exposing approximately 20% of the auditorium. Jack Green of Green Construction said “It fell in one piece. Luckily, it didn’t damage any more of the building.

Green Construction and Gannon Construction with a combined crew of 20 men started work on the auditorium on Thursday. Hurrying to repair the roof and protect the interior and the world famous pipe organ before the rain and snow from Wednesday’s storm arrived.

Roofers Finished in Time for Next Storm

The crews finished the new roof by Tuesday evening, they were able to remove damaged plywood, repair broken rafters, and new deck and tarpaper were nailed down just in time for protection from the storm.

Camp Meeting Association, the owners of the Great Auditorium, tent area and beach pavilions estimated the roof repair will cost between $500,000 and $700,000. The boardwalk repairs are expected to be 4 times that amount.

Hundreds of volunteers arrived to remove debris from the beaches so heavy equipment could come in to do significant roof repair.

The Great Auditorium was built in 1894 and in 1975 Ocean Grove was designated a State and National Historic District. Inside the auditorium is a historic pipe organ that first played publicly in July 1908. The organ is not used during the winter months and in the warm months it is played during Sunday services, recitals and special events.

Roofing Concerns After Hurricane Sandy

Much of the northeast was devastated by the Frankenstorm of 2012. Since the weather has improved, many families and business owners are returning to survey the damage. One of the most likely scenarios facing many is roof damage.

Rebuilding and Repairing

For some the future holds rebuilding in order to move forward after the storm’s damage; for others, repairing may suffice. The common thread held by people in both categories is that insurance claim lines are going to be packed and the help offered by government agencies can take months.

One of the best ways to begin the process of roof repair or replacement after a major weather event is by surveying and documenting the damage. This means inspecting the roof yourself and taking pictures of the damage. It may even be wise to hire a roof contractor to perform a professional inspection of the roof.  In many cases, a roofer can provide you with an estimate for the damage and even help you gather the documentation required by your insurance company.

The bottom line is that you will need patience, both for gathering the necessary information and dealing with a backlogged insurance claims office.

Residents Evacuated Before Roof Collapses

Summersville Manor in Nicholas County West Virginia was home to 72 senior and special needs residents when the roof at the apartment complex collapsed early Wednesday morning due to heavy snow. The staff at the facility became concerned over the storm late Tuesday and evacuated the residents before the roof fell in.

No one was injured in the roof collapse. 75 residents were taken to the Family Life Center Church on Main Street where those with special needs could be cared for.

Snow totals ranged from 1 to 2 ½ feet of snow during the overnight hours of Tuesday into Wednesday morning. Other buildings that had the roof collapse were a grocery store, two convenience stores, 3 residential homes and a hardwood plant.

Roof Crashed Down Under Weight of Snow

While talking about the roof, Summersville Mayor Robert Shafer said “we had an evacuation and parts of it did collapse. It affected the second and third floor of the apartment complex.” Other reports indicated the second floor of the apartment complex collapsed onto the first floor.

Shafer also said “What we were worried about was the safety and security of those who were staying there, getting them to a shelter where they could be cared for. Some of them had special needs and we fulfilled that, so we march forward to our next mission.”

The state Office of Emergency Services came out to Summersville Wednesday to inspect the damages. It is unknown when the complex can rebuild, get the roof repair and allow the residents to move back home.