Emergency Roof Repair for Connecticut School

The West Gym at Cheshire High School is closed as workers start repairing the roof. Earlier in the month a maintenance worker found that the rubber roof membrane had shifted, moving the under layment and insulation and exposing metal bolts on the 21 year old roof.

Officials believe it was a combination of age of the roof and the wind from Hurricane Sandy that caused the damage. The roof work will begin as soon as possible to prevent upcoming snow loads to further damage the roof and possibly collapse. Approximately half of the 11,000 square foot roof was damaged.

Board Filed Insurance Claims

The Board of Education approved a contract with Silktown Roofing of Manchester to replace the gym roof for $219,000. The project is eligible for a 40% reimbursement from the state due to the emergency situation and may also qualify for FEMA funds if it is found that the winds from Hurricane Sandy caused the damage.

The roofing project is expected to take 8 days and will begin next week. The roofers will only remove the damaged roof in what they can replace each day.

Testing was done to insure there was no asbestos to remove. After the roof repair is complete, the gym will need to air out and make sure all the dust and debris has been removed.

Approximately 1,600 students attend the public Cheshire High School on South Main Street.

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