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Energy Star Label and Your Roof

When it comes time for a new roof, looking for products that have the government’s Energy Star Label can save you money in energy costs. The government created the Energy Star program to encourage the use of the energy efficient products. On the Energy Star website, you can find products that qualify for the rating as well as if there are any roof rebates available. They also list useful information on roofing materials reflective properties.

Energy star is a label that helps consumers identify products that save them money and help protect the environment. Manufacturers and retailers sign voluntary agreements allowing them to place the Energy Star label on products that meet or exceed energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE).

Warranties must meet or exceed non Energy Star roofing products

EPA allows manufacturers to use the Energy Star label on reflective roof materials that meet the US EPA’s specifications for solar reflectance and reliability. Energy Star labeled roofing products are designed to save money on utility bills and reduce energy waste. Qualifying reflective roof products must have warranties that are equal to or superior to comparable non reflective roof products.

You will see the Energy Star label right on the roof materials packaging. Eligible roof products include single-ply membranes, built up roofs, modified bitumen, spray polyurethane foam, roof coatings, standing seam profiled metal, composite shingles, clay, concrete, or fiber cement tile, slate, shakes, architectural profiled metal and individual metal roof components.

For manufacturers to get their products qualified for the Energy Star rating, they must test the solar reflectance of their roofing products using the US EPA test methods outlined in the Energy Star Program Requirements for Roof Products.

New Roof Discounts

The costs of roof repair and replacement can be hefty. Although you may think the higher quality products are more costly, the truth is that some may cost you the same as a lower quality material through a discount program.

Discounts and Deals

There are a few ways you can save money on your new roof. First, many insurance companies offer discount programs for certain types of roof materials. A more damage resistant material may cost more out of pocket, but your insurance company can provide a rebate that makes it more affordable. Metal and class 4 asphalt shingles are two of the more common materials that qualify for this discount. Contacting your insurance agent prior to having a roofer give you a bid can help you narrow down the option that is right for your home.

Another area of money savings in roofing is the ENERGY STAR program. You could save 10% of the cost up to $500 or a specific amount from $50–$300 for using ENERGY STAR rated roof products. To qualify for the ENERGY STAR tax credit program, materials must adhere to specifications that include target reflecting the sun’s UV rays, reducing the need for air conditioning or improving the insulation effect of a home.

Florida Schools Get Hurricane Proof Roofs

Seven Seminole County Florida schools are receiving new roofs that will be able to withstand hurricane force winds. The re-roofing project will cost more than $2 million for the Seminole schools.

Traditional hurricane resistant roof materials depend on clips and special fasteners to hold the roof in place. These schools will be getting a different kind of system where the roof membrane will be sealed airtight and the recessed roofs will have special vents that will use the wind to cause a suction to keep the roof in place.

Using Wind to Create a Vacuum

Ralph Jewell, Vice President of Integrated Building Envelope Systems said the roofs were designed to use the wind to keep the roof down instead of fighting it. “Normally the wind is the nemesis, but we use that power to our advantage.” He said.

The design depends on the laws of physics and is for flat or low sloped roofs only. During a hurricane wind runs up the side of a building and across the top colliding and creating a swirling vortex above the roof, those swirling wind currents are capable of peeling a roof away.

The vents use the negative pressure caused by the swirling winds to pull the roof down with a vacuum action. The membrane is installed airtight on top of the building and lines up air vents along the perimeter. The wind vented design was patented 26 years ago and the company claims not a single roof has blown off.

Elderly Woman Claims Overcharged for Roof

In another case of buyer beware, an elderly woman in Knoxville Tennessee said she overpaid for a new roof for her house. Mary, the 86 year old woman said she signed 3 contracts with B and E roofing in the same day saying the contractor said he didn’t want to have to make multiple trips out. Mike Bowles from B and E Roofing said he did not cheat Mary.

Mary ultimately paid $11,000 for her 1,400 square foot home roof. One of the contracts was for a roof and screened in deck for $12,000. One was remove and apply new shingles for $5,364 and the third contract said to install 83 sheets of OSB for a total cost of $5,000. Listed in the last contract the price of the OSB was $60 per sheet, plus installation.

Bowles has 2 weeks to respond to BBB

Mary said she was not informed at the beginning that the sheeting and the roof would be $11,000. She did not get a screened deck. She has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Mike Bowls of B and E Roofing wants the Better Business Bureau to settle the dispute through arbitration.

To avoid confusion when you are negotiating for a new roof, only sign one contract with your local roofer so you know exactly what work is being done and what you will be paying for it. Having it all spelled out in one place is your best defense in case you do have to go to arbitration for any reason.

Donut Shop Refurbished Roof

In West Fargo, North Dakota some of the residents went through donut withdrawal when an institution in the community was closed down for three weeks. Sandy’s Donuts owner Mark Ostlund closed the shop for renovations.

Oslund said “People would come up and just be like well, what am I going to do? I can’t get my donut?”

The roof of the shop was replaced due to breaking trusses. Since they were doing the roof repair anyway they decided to give the building an update. As well as replacing the overhead wiring, plumbing and ductwork, they also changed the original sloped roof edge and replaced it with a new roof that has an edging that is a combination of metal siding and terra cotta.

Newly Remodeled Donut Shop

Other renovations included removing some of the walls in the kitchen area, and getting a new walk in freezer. Old signs are being replaced with new back lit signs in December. Future improvements include building a kitchen area just for baking.

Mark’s son Jessie Ostlund, the donut production manager said “Well, it won’t look like a Hardee’s anymore; it’s going to look way nicer.”

The donut shop moved to its current location, an old fast food restaurant in 2002. Mark’s parents Sanfred (Sandy) and Donna opened the first Sandy’s Donuts in 1983.

Along with donuts, you can also get traditional breakfast foods and soups, sandwiches and salads for lunch. They offer a free donut with every lunch purchase.

Phosphate Museum Gets New Roof

Mulberry Phosphate Museum in Mulberry Florida has had a leaky roof for years. The staff has been placing buckets where the water drips down the walls from a whole in the roof.

Roofers will begin removing the old roof in the first week of December and then putting new shingles on the 73 year old wood frame building. Work will begin just after the annual community holiday celebration and is expected to take about a week.

City Manager Rick Johnson said “When I found out how much water was coming through, I was concerned about the artifact being damaged. The money was there, so it was a matter of getting the work done.”

Asbestos Suspected in Old Roof

The new roof is expected to cost around $35,000; the asbestos removal has made the job more complicated and expensive. The roofing crew will be using precautions such as protective suits while tearing out the roof due to suspected asbestos on the 30 year old roof.

The building was built in 1939 and was originally the building was the city’s train depot. In 1985 the building was turned into the city owned phosphate museum displaying century old bones that were uncovered during excavation in the mining operations.

Mulberry is known as the Phosphate Capital of the world with an impressive collection of fossilized remains. An estimated 75% of the phosphate used by farmers for fertilization comes from Florida.

Hose Company Gets New Roof

A fire department in Kittanning Pennsylvania, Kittanning Hose Company #4 on Orr Avenue will soon be getting their leaking roof replaced. The building will get new shingles, bricking, a power vent and fascia. The new roof will be paid for using 2008 Community Development Block Grant Funding.

According to Hose Company #4 2nd Assistant Chief Mike Swartz a 10 foot by 10 foot square needs to be replaced. “The rafters and all that stuff are in good shape and the rest of the roofing is good.”

Bid includes alternate options

Jennifer Bellas, Armstrong County Community Development Director said “should be fine money wise, we know that section is going to need to be replaced, we just don’t know how much, so we just asked for a price per square foot because we couldn’t tell him he needs to replace, no one’s going to know until you take the shingles off.”

The bid included removing and replacing all shingles, roof repair, re-bricking in an area where the old siren tower was removed, ground aluminum socket and fascia, a power vent for better ventilation and uninterrupted gutters.

Armstrong County Planning and Development officials received 3 bids for the job on the second round of bidding. Faul Construction from Warren County, Sheffield in Northeast Pennsylvania had the lowest bid and was awarded the job. Faul Construction bid $8,000 less than the second lowest bid.

Arkansas Jail to End 20 Years of Roof Leaks

Hempstead County Detention Center will be getting a new pitched metal roof to replace the existing leaky roof. The roof replacement is almost finished as part of the $500,000 renovation project for the jail.

According to Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton the 20 year old building roof has leaked since the building was opened and has had the roof repaired three times. Ceiling tiles were getting wet and falling into offices.

“We’ve had problems ever since it opened with cracks, roof leaks, seams all throughout. We tried three times, we went back over it and had it recoated, and that was costing us about $40,000 a time.” Singleton said.

Replacing the Roof and Heating/AC Units

A Texarkana Company, JDL Construction Co. got the bid to put on a pitched metal roof and a Hope Arkansas Company Greenlee Sheet Metal Co. will install the HVAC equipment.

Sheriff Singleton also said “All this is being done without cost to the taxpayers because, as part of the lawsuit that was filed several years ago by the county over the construction of the facility here, the county received a settlement. And we’re using $140,000 of that money to put the roof on. So it’s of no expense to the taxpayers.”

Once the new roof is complete, the building will also be expanded to include new offices, a conference and training room, and an interview room. Bobo and Bain Construction from Hope Arkansas is the contractor for that part of the project.

Volunteers Roof the Farmers Market

In Duluth Minnesota volunteers put on a new roof on the Farmers Market on 14th Avenue. Through the years they raised $6,000, enough for the roofing materials but not enough for the contractors. So the Farmers Market Board Member’s decided to roof it themselves with some help from the community.

101 year Old Farmers Market

The market has been open since 1911. It has been at the present location since 1953 and before that it was on 6th Ave. Bob Olen, a Farmers Market Board Member said “it’s old enough so that it’s worn out and leaking.”

Armed with shovels and pitch forks, vendors, members of the community and UMD students volunteered on Saturday and Sunday to remove the 30 old roof and put up the new. About 20 people came out and gave their support for the market.

On the Farmers Market facebook page they posted on Saturday that the entire roof was in the dumpster and were asking for experienced nailer and setter volunteers to come out and help finish the roof on Sunday.

Senior Center Opens after Roof Collapse

The Northgate Lions Seniors Recreation Center in Edmonton Canada has re-opened after the gym roof fell in on January 25, 2011. The roof and wall collapsed while the Choralaires were rehearsing songs in the auditorium. No one was injured when they evacuated everyone from the building.

Mayor Stephen Mandel said “This is a very happy occasion. The center is more than just a building – it’s a community gathering place.”

Still Unknown Why Roof Fell In

The insurance covered most of the $5.8 million for the 48,000 square foot roof repair. After insurance and engineering firms studied the collapse, there is still no clear reason why the 38 year old building’s roof collapsed.

The City of Edmonton contributed $680,000 to the building upgrades and $162,000 was donated by the North Edmonton Seniors Association.

Staff and volunteers worked hard to disperse the nearly 400 programs to another rec center, five community buildings and two churches, plus the public library.

Along with the new roof and a fresh coat of paint, the senior center received some upgrades. The doorways are wider, the washroom was updated and a replacement elevator that can now stop on the gym stage was installed.