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Minneapolis Convention Center Plans PVC Roof

3 of the 4 copper clad roofs will be replaced with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The domes have been leaking water and asphalt into the convention centers exhibit halls for years. 3 of the domes were built between 1989 and 1991, the 4th dome, not being replaced was built in 2001.

Even though the copper roof sheds water, they are not water proof and the asphalt underneath is worn out and damaged. The city spends several hundred thousand dollars a year to make temporary roof repairs.

PVC to Last “Many Many Years”

To replace the roof with copper cost approximately $15 million, $8 million for another type metal and $5 million for the PVC roof. Convention center executive director Jeff Johnson said “I think this is the most efficient, best use of this money to get a roof that is watertight and lasts for many, many years.”

The dome project will be set up for bids later this week. If work starts in June, they hope to be complete by the end of the construction season this year.

Preparing Your Roof For The Seasons

weather roofThere is much to think about around the house as the seasons transition from winter into spring and then into summer. Having been neglected for the past few months, your roof is mostly likely in need of some TLC. Even if the roof is in good condition, there are still a few things you should do to ensure it is ready for the upcoming weather.

Spring Rains

The spring season is known for its rainy months, as well as severe weather. While general rainfall only poses a small risk to the roof if it is damaged, severe storms that have hail and high winds are quite another challenge. Roof repair is most common in the spring and summer months as many homeowners neglect their roofs during the winter months and fail to inspect the roof as the weather changes. There could be many minor roof problems that lead to serious damage when rain and wind hits, leading to more expensive repairs. While there isn’t much you can do to protect your home from hail, high wind or rain, you can ensure that your roof materials are in good condition and there aren’t any leaks or weak spots in the roof.

Summer Heat

The high temperatures associated with the summer months bring unique challenges to your roof. Not only must the roof resist the heat, but the damage from the sun’s rays can cause a significant increase in the heat inside the home. Some roof materials are better at reflecting heat and keeping the  interior of the home cool better than others. If you haven’t considered upgrading your roof before, this summer may be the time to look into installing a white roof coating or other energy efficient product. If you live in a region with ample sunshine, installing solar roof panels is a great way turn the summer sun into cost saving energy you can use in the home.

Historic Clock Museum to Get Updated Roof

In Grafton Ma, the historic Willard House and Clock Museum will be getting a new synthetic cedar shake roof. O’LYN Roofing, a New England roofing specialist has been hired to fix the leaking roof.

The museum holds over 80 priceless clocks from the colonial era collection. The clocks were created by Simon Willard along with his father and four brothers. The Willard’s began making clocks in the small Massachusetts workshop in 1766. The museum is the birthplace and original workshop of the Willard clockmakers.

Winter Storm Damaged the Roof

A storm in 2011 was too much for the several hundred year old structure and water began pouring down the walls narrowly missing the priceless clocks.

When talking about the synthetic cedar shake roof, O’LYN’s production manager Todd Mellor said “It was chosen because it will not only keep the same look and maintain the buildings historic integrity but it will also provide more of a fire retardant surface than the material it is replacing. We had to bring in a structural engineer to determine how best to reinforce the building to make sure it could handle that additional weight of the synthetic roof and we’re confident this is the way to go.”

Work has already begun to reinforce the structure; they expect the roof repairs to take approximately one week.

Roof Repair Done Right

roof repairYour roof is one of the most important aspects of maintaining the integrity of your home. However, the roof is also the most overlooked structure in terms of maintenance and repair. Roof repair costs aren’t always cheap and many people find the entire process to be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Know Your Stuff

Roof contractors recommend that you inspect your roof routinely for damage or signs of disrepair. Catching a problem with the roof early on can be the difference in hundreds of dollars in repair costs. Simple shingle damage or debris can usually be resolved by you with minimal effort. If the roof does need to be repaired by a professional, there are a few tricks that you can use to ensure you get the best for their money.

1. Educate yourself about the different types of roof materials. There are several types of roof materials, each providing different benefits to a home. Find out what is common in your neighborhood and check to see if you can find these materials in a recycled or green roof product.

2. Shop around for the best roofer. Not all roofing companies are the same and the differences can be extremely important to the quality of the job. Obtain multiple bids, ask questions, request references and verify credentials before hiring a company to perform your roof repair.

3. Understand the process. Roof repair and replacement is a large job. Although a good roofer can have the job completely in a few short days, you can expect for there to be some noise and debris during the process.  Keep the work area free of clutter, pets and people during the construction and be sure to have the roofer clean up any old materials and waste when they leave.

Lilburn Man Arrested in Roofing Scam

In Georgia, 66 year old Billy Ray Norris has been charged with theft by deception for taking payments for roof repairs and then disappearing. According to City of Stone Mountain Police Chief Chancey Troutman, Norris defrauded elderly homeowners in his city, and nearby Johns Creek and Dunwoody.

Troutman said “Norris is the one that goes to the elderly’s homes and tries to do work on the roof and takes a certain amount of money and goes on about his business.”

Sadly these types of scams are more common that people would like to believe. Senior citizens can be easy prey as they generally do not get on the internet and check out people who might do work on their homes. They also want to remain independent and make the decisions regarding their homes and are less likely to call other people for advice.

Help Them Stay Safe

If you have elderly family members or some of your neighbors are elderly, let them know you would be willing to check up on any one who comes to their door offering to do roof work or any other unsolicited repairs. Some red flags are no business signs on their work vehicle, they ask for a large sum or all of the money up front, they do not have a brick and mortar place of business, they do not have insurance or licenses in the state that you live in or they are not willing to give you any references.

Better Business Bureau has an easy to use website that allows you to put in a person or business name and see if they have any complaints filed against them. If the repair need is genuine, most reputable roofing companies will come out and give you free estimates.

14th Roof Falls Under Anchorage Snow

roof collapseDue to the nearly record breaking snow fall in Anchorage Alaska this year, the 14th roof collapsed on Friday afternoon at the loading dock of the VA clinic in East Anchorage.

The 80 foot long by 16 feet wide loading dock roof folded up under the weight of the heavy snow. Still intact, the roof fell to a vertical position against a wall. The VA Clinic won an award “Excellence in Construction” from the Associated General Contractors of Alaska when the clinic opened in 2010.

No Reported injuries So Far

The City Building Safety Department investigations indicated most of the roof collapses were older buildings with flat roofs. Fortunately no one has been injured in the collapses.

Current Anchorage codes requires new roofs to be built to withstand 40 pounds of snow per square foot, each foot of snow weighs about 20 pounds per depth of 1 foot. Spring rains could saturate the snow and make it much heavier, leading to an increased risk of requiring roof repair.

Homeowners should be aware how deep the snow is on their roofs, if the snow is over two feet deep, there may be a problem. They should also be aware of other danger signals such as unusual sounds, creaking or cracking wood and walls starting to bow.

Tornado Victims Target Of Roof Scams

tornado scamAs severe weather season begins, homeowners have many things to be cautious about. Roof repair scams tend to increase in numbers during the spring season and many innocent homeowners become the target of unprofessional roof contractors without even knowing it.

Unsolicited Aid

After an area suffers damage from a natural disaster such as a tornado, it is common for people to come to the aid of their fellow neighbors. Firefighters, first aid workers, food shelters and even insurance claim specialists may show up unannounced in efforts to help those who were affected by the storm. While this aid is often highly appreciated it does provide shelter for some unscrupulous people to sneak in to take advantage.

For the reputable roof contractor operating under professional and ethical standards, the increase in roof scams poses quite a challenge. Many roofers are hoping to get the word out to homeowners about how to spot and avoid a scam. In general, homeowners are cautioned to:

  • Avoid door-to-door roof salesmen or anyone claiming to provide roofing services
  • Be wary of unsolicited sales calls or roofing bids from companies by phone or in person
  • Watch out for anyone pushing for a signed contract right away or unwilling to provide a written estimate of services
  • Take steps to obtain a copy of the roofing company’s license/credentials and insurance
  • Verify their reputation with the Better Business Bureau or community reviews



Utah Mall’s Retractable Roof

Salt Lake City Utah is opening a new multi-million dollar shopping center this week. One of the main focal points is a retractable roof. The roofing system at City Creek Mall is the first of its kind in the state of Utah.

Sponsors Downtown Rising, The Mormon Church and mall operator Taubman Centers decided to “keep it local” when choosing who would to the roofing work. Ductworks Inc., a Logan based welding company fabricated the retractable roof system while working with contractors Jacobson Construction and Uni-Systems. Ductworks president Jeremy Jenkins said “it was a real honor to be selected to do it.’

Meant To Be Unnoticed

It took over 50 workers and 18 months to complete the roofing system. The 12 fabricated panels are each 100 feet wide, the roof spans 60 feet when fully extended. The roof opens and closes in sequence since the panels overlap each other. The intention is for the roof not to be noticed by the people on the ground level. Jenkins added the goal is to have the roof open as much as possible with the exception of bad weather.

Ribbon cutting for the downtown City Creek Mall is set for Thursday at 9:30 a.m. ,they are expecting more than 50,000 people for the grand opening.

Solar Roofs May Generate Revenue For Residents

dubai_solar_villageSolar roof panels have become an popular green roof solution that offers many economical and environmental benefits. As one of the world’s frontrunners in innovative ideas, Dubai is considering a bold move in the generation of power.

Powerful Moves

Dubai is home to many technologically advanced buildings, including a proposed solar village. The city also has one of the fastest growing energy consumption rates in the world, leaving the city with a million dollar problem. In order to compensate for the near 24 GW electricity habit, the city’s electric companies are actively considering buying back the power generated from residential and commercial roof buildings.

The city conducted a study last year to determine how much local businesses and private solar panel owners were generating for their own use. The average 5MW of electricity production quickly enticed city officials into crunching the numbers of revenue for purchasing the power back from residents and building owners. If approved, the leases on these solar roof materials is expected to significantly lower costs for the city, as well as bring a little money to the pockets of Dubai occupants.



Illinois State Fair $630,000 Roof Repair Bill

The state of Illinois will pay $630,000 to repair the torn canvas roof at the Illinois State Fair. Back in January high winds tore the canvas roof over the multipurpose arena. The canvas roof has 4 sections, damage was done only to 1 section on the west side of the facility.

The company that originally installed the roof, Span Systems Inc., of New Hampshire was awarded the roof repair contract. The states public works construction program is funding the project.

Replacing The Canvas

Dave Blanchette, spokesman for the capital development board said “they are going to replace the missing and damaged section of the canopy and repair and replace as needed the portions of the structure that hold up the canopy.”

The project is scheduled to be completed by May. Fairgrounds operate year round and the next major event will be the Illinois State Fair in August.

The first Illinois State Fair was held in the capital of Springfield in 1853, admission was 25 cents. The fair moved to Chicago in 1855 and back to Springfield to stay in 1894.