Tornado Victims Target Of Roof Scams

tornado scamAs severe weather season begins, homeowners have many things to be cautious about. Roof repair scams tend to increase in numbers during the spring season and many innocent homeowners become the target of unprofessional roof contractors without even knowing it.

Unsolicited Aid

After an area suffers damage from a natural disaster such as a tornado, it is common for people to come to the aid of their fellow neighbors. Firefighters, first aid workers, food shelters and even insurance claim specialists may show up unannounced in efforts to help those who were affected by the storm. While this aid is often highly appreciated it does provide shelter for some unscrupulous people to sneak in to take advantage.

For the reputable roof contractor operating under professional and ethical standards, the increase in roof scams poses quite a challenge. Many roofers are hoping to get the word out to homeowners about how to spot and avoid a scam. In general, homeowners are cautioned to:

  • Avoid door-to-door roof salesmen or anyone claiming to provide roofing services
  • Be wary of unsolicited sales calls or roofing bids from companies by phone or in person
  • Watch out for anyone pushing for a signed contract right away or unwilling to provide a written estimate of services
  • Take steps to obtain a copy of the roofing company’s license/credentials and insurance
  • Verify their reputation with the Better Business Bureau or community reviews



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