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2012 MetalBucks Winner Gets New Roof

Advanced Metal Roofing of Raleigh North Carolina announced the winner of their 3rd annual MetalBucks sweepstakes. Hope Voliva of New Bern North Carolina won the grand prize of a new MetalMan Roofing System for their home valued up to $22,500.

Advanced Metal Roofing offers the chance to win a free, installed metal roof in their annual sweepstakes to homeowners in North Carolina. Entrants do not have to participate in any sales presentations or make any purchases to be eligible for the prize.

The Advanced Metal Roofing Company was established in 1994, specializing in residential metal roofing. James Kenton, owner said “We love having the opportunity to award a North Carolina homeowner with a fully installed MetalMan roofing system.”

Past Recipients of Free Metal Roof

Previous winners were Todd Moore of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina and James and Kimberly Crutcher of Kernsersville, North Carolina.

If you have a home in North Carolina you can read the rules and enter the sweepstakes at The entry form is pretty easy, just name, contact information and a “how did you hear about us” box. They will have the drawing on January 10th, 2013 for the winner of the free, installed MetalMan Roofing System valued at up to $22,500.

Roof Tile Recall

Suntech America of San Francisco is recalling SolarBlend roof tiles. The connectors between the solar roof tiles can become loose creating a fire hazard.

Of the approximately 300 roof top installations only one report of a fire involving 6 SolarBlend roof tiles. No one was injured and only the tiles were damaged.

The tiles were sold in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Missouri and Nevada. The models affected are the brown STP050D-5/ZCB, terra cotta, STP050D-5/ZCF, and grey STP050D-5/ZCG. The tiles were manufactured in China by Wuxi Suntech Power Co. ltd., of Wuxi China.

Free Inspection

If you have not been contacted by Suntech directly, than you should immediately turn off your panel system and contact Suntech. Free inspections and repair of the solar panel system are being offered by Suntech with no cost to the consumer. For additional information or to schedule a free inspection and repair of the SolarBlend roof tiles system, contact Suntech toll free at (888) 770-7122 Monday thru Friday 5 a.m. to 4 p.m. or visit the website at

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Office of Communications issued a Recall Alert on February 23, 2012 regarding this product. If you have any questions or information of a different hazard with this same product visit

Roofing Red Flags

rooferThese days one can never be too careful when doing business, especially when that business involves hiring someone to perform services around your home. Unfortunately, there are cases happening everyday where a homeowner is take advantage of or scammed by contractors performing home repairs. Even the roof repair industry is not free from poor quality companies operating to make quick money.

Trapped In Your Own Home

Hiring a roof contractor to replace or repair your roof is a big event. You are likely to be paying big money for the work to be completed, and having it completed correctly is very important. Between poor quality work, padded estimates and insurance claim fraud, you have much to be on the lookout for when having work done to your home. The following should be considered red flags when dealing with roof repair services:

  • Up-front fee requirements, especially those with no money back guarantee offers
  • Failure to produce proof of license/certification or copy of company insurance
  • Significantly lower bid than other companies
  • No references available for previous work done
  • Labor contract with no cancellation or termination clause
  • Hard sell of services, roof materials or products
  • Difficulty contacting company manager/owner
  • Failing to show up on time or follow proposed schedule
  • No reviews online, through word of mouth or the BBB


Tearing Off Old Roof Shingles

When you need to remove the old shingles from your roof whether from age or damage, it can usually be done pretty quickly. Commonly referred to as a ‘tear off’ removing the shingles creates a lot of debris.

Renting a dumpster makes clean up easier, if you position it just right you can throw the old shingles and waste directly into the dumpster from the roof. If this is not an option for you, there are other methods that make clean up easier.

Spread tarps in the yard and lean plywood sheets up against the house to protect your shrubbery, windows and siding. Place wheelbarrows on the tarps to also catch debris from the roof. Another option is to buy or rent a strong walk behind magnet on wheels to pick up the nails that will invariably land in your yard.

Steps involved for removing the shingles:

• Starting at the top, remove the ridge cap with a pry bar.
• Using a pitchfork or roofing shovel tear off the old shingles and felt paper.
• Remove any flashing, salvaging any reusable pieces.
• Pry up any remaining nails and sweep the deck with a broom.

Once the shingles are off the roof, you can inspect the sheathing for any signs of damage. Now would be the time to make any repairs to the deck before the new shingles go on.

You may want to consider hiring a roofing crew to do the tear off; it can be tough, dirty work, with the cost of the tools and your time you may not come out that far ahead if you do it yourself.

Maryland Arts Theater Gets New Roof

theater roofA theater and arts center in Chestertown, Maryland has had its fair share of roof problems over the years. The old roof has been through numerous “band-aid” fixes for various problems, but is finally set to receive a new roof.

Finding the Funding, Finding History

The crumbling roof at the Prince Theater/Garfield Center for the Arts building was just one of several issues that was inherited when the building by the new owner a few years ago. After searching for nearly a year for the funds needed for the major roof repairs, the building’s executive director gave up looking. However, last December the building suffered a major flood during a rainstorm causing the entire building to fill with several inches of water. With a renewed sense of urgency, building executives began working to find a solution.

Having found the funds to replace the roof, the building executives were shocked when a roof contractor found some interesting artifacts in the building’s original design and engineering plans. Several hatches in the roof’s original construction are thought to have once been used as a makeshift ventilation system in the days before air conditioning. The 85 year old roof has brought much attention to the building’s historical significance, highlighting the important role this building has played in the local community for many years.


2nd Story Playground for Pennsylvania School

Part of St. Clair elementary/middle school’s $8.8 million expansion includes plans for a rooftop playground.

The renovation project will add 2 special education rooms, 6 new classrooms, a large instruction room and a second elevator, plus 23 more parking spaces will be added to the current 10 spaces at the Mill Street School.

Superintendent Kendy K. Hinkle said “establishing the playground on the roof was our only viable option. We either had to go up or we weren’t going to have the kind of play yard we needed.”

Safety Concerns

There will be a 12 foot fence which will arc inward and the perimeter of the new roof will have a masonry wall.

The two story building will be built where the existing playground is now. The school was originally built in 1937 to be used as a high school. Due to low enrollment in the late 1980’s the high school students were transferred to the Pottsville area. The school was established as an elementary/middle school in 1990.

Bids opened on February 6, 2011 for a general contractor. A contractor will be chosen at the next meeting on March 14, 2011. Mr. Hinkle is hoping the project will be completed by the summer of 2013.

Land Sale to Fund Medieval Roof

After 10 years of waiting, permission has been given for plans to replace the medieval roof at Stoke College by Clare, located on the border of Suffolk and Essex. The college is in a historic house and is an independent school for 3-16 year olds.

St. Edmundsbury council gave permission for the properties outbuildings to be demolished and sold off for development. Six new homes will be built on the land in a crescent shape in the style of the 19th century almshouses. The money from the land sale will be used to replace the medieval roof on the original schoolhouse.

St. John the Baptist church houses Mathew Parkers Pulpit

The college has been in the building for 58 years, the building dates back to 1420. Mathew Parker former archbishop of Canterbury and Chaplain to Anne Boleyn occupied the building at the time English Reformations. In 1124 Richard de Clare moved the Benedictine Priory that had been established at his castle in Clare to Stoke by Clare, in 1415 the Priory was replaced by Stoke College.

Estimated cost of roof repairs is just less than 1 million pounds, approximately $1.96900 million U.S. dollars. According to the college head teacher, also named Mathew Parker, some of the roof timbers have been there since the 1700’s and need to be replaced.

A false roof will cover the original one while the work is being completed. Mr. Parker hopes to have the new roof in 18 months.

Pittsburgh Roofer With A Lot To Offer

Finding a good roofing company is like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many roofers in operation, homeowners often have a difficult time separating the good from the average from the bad. One contractor that serves the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area has been working to change the way roofing and construction is done.

“We Get The Job Done!”

Mutual Builders Corporation is a home remodeling contractor that offers a wide variety of services. Having been in business since 1954, Mutual Builders is committed to providing their customers with top quality services at the best price. They do all jobs big and small from new roof construction and roof repair to windows, siding, kitchens, bathrooms, decks, flooring.

Mutual Builders Corporation offers their customers many benefits that other roof contractors do not. They have offer financing plans that can provide approved customers with payments as low as $99 a month! Further, they offer a 10% service discount to all military members and senior citizens. All of their employees are professionally trained and fully insured. Their mission is to guarantee customer satisfaction by treating their home as if it was their own.

One of the best things about doing business with Mutual Builders Corporation is their philosophy towards customers. They sum it up by saying “We we are done, you will be happy. And until you are happy, we are not done!”

For more information about Mutual Builders Corporation, visit: .

Roof ridge vents

Roof ridge vents provide uniform cooling with a continuous flow of air into your attic. They are installed end to end on the roof with a low profile. Roof ridge vents come in metal and shingle-over vents and since it is one continuous vent it is quicker and easier to install than other vent types. Combining roof ridge vents and soffit vents will give you a very effective ventilation system.

Ridge vents work year-round without any motors to power the vents, evenly distributes the air to the entire underside of the roof, and provides a higher volume of airflow per square foot of attic area than any other fixed vent system.

Excess Moisture Can Be Expensive

Without proper ventilation, heat and humidity can cause serious problems to your home, trapping moisture in your attic and roof structure, your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool your home and excess humidity can cause mold, mildew and wood rot.

Installing roof ridge vents is a fairly aggressive project. It is best to use a roofing professional to do this job. The materials you will need are the ridge vent, 1 ½ inch roofing nails and shingles to match the existing roof. The basic steps are

• Remove existing shingles
• Remove sheathing
• Install vent
• Replace shingles

Good ventilation is vital for your home. If you are experiencing moisture on your walls or ceilings, ice dams in the winter or if you are considering getting a new roof, ask your contractor if roof ridge vents are a good option for your home.

Wrestling Star Under $15,000 Roofing Lien

John CenaWWE Star John Cena has finally resolved a tax lien against his home after he defaulted on payment to a roofing company.  Owning over $15,000 for roof repair costs, Cena reportedly failed to pay the contractor for the work.  The roofing company pursued legal action for payment and Cena’s house was put under a tax lien that threatened to take his home. He has since resolve the roof debt and the lien has been removed.

Roofing Company Lien

This news has brought to mind many questions about the roofing process. Most homeowners have no idea of roof repair basics, let alone understand the legal consequences associated with failure to pay for contracted work. The truth is, a lien can be placed against any property in which payment for services has not be made according to the contractual obligation. The short of it: homeowners that do not pay their roof contractor for performed services can be subject to serious consequences.

Having a lien placed against the property essentially prohibits the sale of the home until a debt is paid. There are numerous examples of liens that can be taken out against a home, most often for non-payment of services or taxes on the home. Although a lien doesn’t necessarily impose an immediate threat for a homeowner, unresolved debts can bring serious legal action and even threaten foreclosure. Therefore, homeowners must ensure they follow the terms of any signed contract for services performed on their home in order to protect themselves from the possibility of a lien.