Wrestling Star Under $15,000 Roofing Lien

John CenaWWE Star John Cena has finally resolved a tax lien against his home after he defaulted on payment to a roofing company.  Owning over $15,000 for roof repair costs, Cena reportedly failed to pay the contractor for the work.  The roofing company pursued legal action for payment and Cena’s house was put under a tax lien that threatened to take his home. He has since resolve the roof debt and the lien has been removed.

Roofing Company Lien

This news has brought to mind many questions about the roofing process. Most homeowners have no idea of roof repair basics, let alone understand the legal consequences associated with failure to pay for contracted work. The truth is, a lien can be placed against any property in which payment for services has not be made according to the contractual obligation. The short of it: homeowners that do not pay their roof contractor for performed services can be subject to serious consequences.

Having a lien placed against the property essentially prohibits the sale of the home until a debt is paid. There are numerous examples of liens that can be taken out against a home, most often for non-payment of services or taxes on the home. Although a lien doesn’t necessarily impose an immediate threat for a homeowner, unresolved debts can bring serious legal action and even threaten foreclosure. Therefore, homeowners must ensure they follow the terms of any signed contract for services performed on their home in order to protect themselves from the possibility of a lien.



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