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Roofers Face Fines

While you may already know that your local roofer could be penalized for poor business practices, what you may not know is that some of these fines extend beyond the realm of inadequate customer service. In fact, one of the main reasons a roofer may be fined has to do with improper safety systems.

Dangerous Moves

Falling from a building is no light matter. The Occupational Hazard and Safety Administration (OSHA) reports that workplace falls result in 10,000 or more injuries and around 200 fatalities each year.  In the roofing industry, falling from the top of the building make this job dangerous. While there are guidelines for construction workers and standards of practice, policing these regulations can be quite difficult.

Fall prevention systems are extremely important for the safety of roofers and their fellow workers, which is why local organizations have begun to step up efforts for maintaining safety around construction sites. In addition to OSHA, there are agencies that audit construction sites to ensure safety protocol is being met. Violations of safety regulations are cited and the roofer is issued a fine. Repeated violations of safety protocol can even lead to a stop-notice preventing that roofer from working jobs and may even have their license suspended.

The bottom line is that you can’t put a price on safety.

Stadium Roof Material Makes Its Mark

As the installation of the roof goes up on the new Viking football stadium, many questions have been raised about some of the materials being used. Covering some 240,000 square feet, the new stadium will be largest in North American to use ETFE.

Coatings to Coverings

ETFE, or ethylene-tetraflouroethylene, is a co-polymer resin that is extruded into a thin film. The plastic-like material is use to create a durable, yet light weight, covering for the roof of buildings.  Unlike glass, ETFE is corrosion resistant; while also blocking out much of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Even with its weight 1/100 of that of traditional glass materials, ETFE can handle snow and wind loads comparable to other roof materials.

For the new Viking stadium in Minnesota, the ETFE roof will allow for sunlight to reach the stadium seats and reduce the chances the building suffers another devastating roof collapse. Although ETFE isn’t a household name in roofing, there are many notable facilities around the world already benefiting from this great product. The Water Cube building in Beijing, China, the Eden project in Cornwall, UK, and the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany are just some of the noteworthy buildings boasting ETFE roofs.

Tips To Prepare For Roof Repair

If you are in need of roof repair work you probably know you can expect at least one days worth of loud noise and a full house of people. However, there is much more to know about the roof repair process that can better prepare you for the work to come.

Simple Solutions

Worried about who to choose? Finding the right roof contractor for the job isn’t as easy as you think. Always obtain multiple bids, ask for references and proof of liability insurance. Never choose a company who is not licensed or insured, sub-contracts the labor without a supervisor on site or that cannot provide you with people to back up their reputation.

Wondering about roof products? There are many roof materials you can choose from for your new roof. Do your research in advance and find out which material is best for your climate, style of house and budget. Reviewing your options before signing on with a roofing company can save you time and money.

What about the actual work? The day of your new roof installation can be a hectic one. Not only will there be lots of noise and commotion, it isn’t uncommon to find trash or debris left behind. The day before your work is scheduled to begin mow your lawn. Keeping the grass short prevents nails and other hazardous materials from being left behind. And speak with your contractor about their clean up policy, making sure that they take responsibility for haul away and clean up duty.

Selling Solar Power

Green roofing has made its move into the mainstream in recent years. However, solar panels have continued to struggle to make their niche in the market despite their measureable benefits. Why? The answer is simple: cost.

Results Outweigh Costs

Convincing people to purchase solar panels is a tough sell, especially for the average homeowner. Most people only see the initial costs of purchasing and installing these roof panels, forgetting about their long term money-saving and environmentally friendly effects. In order to combat this problem a new idea is in the works to make solar power more popular in years to come.

The idea of leasing solar panels is becoming more popular among corporations and municipalities. To lease solar panels, a third party investor puts the money up front for the cost of purchasing and installing the solar panels. The panels are then leased to the interested party for a fraction of the cost per month until the initial investment, plus some interest, has been repaid. The best part?  The lessee receives full energy benefits from the panels throughout the entire lease term.

This arrangement allows for more companies to rent-to-own the solar panels while they benefit from the energy produced by the panels, further reducing their costs. There are several cities nationwide that have signed contracts for solar leasing, as well as some major corporations. This is an idea that could revolutionize the green movement for the future.

Your Roof Under The Summer Sun

This time of year the temperatures being to rise, leaving homeowners faced with many challenges. Not only are people looking to stay cool and save money in the hot days ahead, but they are also hoping they can make it through the summer without the need for roof repair.

Preparing For The Elements

Hot temperatures and the sun’s rays are two elements that can cause a lot of damage to your roof materials, especially if they are already old or broken. Inadequate roof materials can easily lead to further costs of maintenance or the need for replacement when the temperatures heat up and the materials are exposed to damaging rays. Here is how to prepare your roof for the upcoming summer months.

  1. Do a visual inspection of your roof for signs of obvious damage or hire a roofer to perform a maintenance inspection.
  2. Repair or replace any damaged roof materials, ensure that flashing is in working order and seal any gaps in the materials.
  3. Consider upgrading your roof to a material that is more heat tolerant, such as ceramic or clay tiles.
  4. Ask a roof contractor about white roof coatings and how they can help lower your energy bill.

Roof Collapse Due to Construction Flaw

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital’s Windermere Nursing and Rehabilitation Center ‘s porch roof collapsed Wednesday morning when a worker was standing on it to replace the second story windows. Fortunately no one was injured and the man was able to propel himself through the window opening to escape from falling.

When the 10 by 12 foot section of roof tore away from the siding it damaged part of the fire sprinkler system which resulted in flooding 2 long term care apartments.

An Oak Bluffs building inspector and structural engineer hired by Windermere determined the roof problems were due to the porch not being properly attached to the 19 year old building.

According to newspaper archives, Facility Design and Management of Andover designed the building and general contractor Congress Construction Company of Danvers built it.

”We were very lucky”

Tim Walsh, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital chief executive officer said “We were very lucky. In a way it’s a blessing. Nobody was hurt and we discovered the problem. This could have happened when somebody was sitting on the deck.”

Hospital officials closed off access to all the porches until they are inspected and either determined to be safe or after roof repair.

The windows were being replaced as part of the hospital announcement in February that the Nursing and Rehabilitation Center would be receiving major renovations. $3 million to fund a complete remodel of the hospital’s rotting wooden exterior and worn out rooms and furniture.

Part of the renovation includes replacing all windows, exterior doors, decking and siding and is scheduled to be completed by September.

Convention Center Roof Making Waves

Now that Nashville, Tennessee is home base for a popular television show, the city has been making some much needed improvements to the music district. A new convention center is in the works with a unique roof design that has been drawing the eyes of tourists and residents alike.

Dazzling Design

The 1.2 million square-foot building is located in the heart of the city’s center. Serving to improve the features of the music district, the new convention center will feature a 350,000 square-foot exhibit hall that host hundreds of thousands of people per event. Already booked for several events in the near future, the convention center is one of the more unique buildings located in Nashville.

What makes six city block long building so special is its roof design features. Topped by a wavy roof covering, one end even features a Nashville appropriate guitar shaped design. The other end of the building is home to a live-plant green roof feature that mimics rolling hills.

The convention center opening, along with the city’s new Music Center, is said to have “helped drive more …. creative buzz, both musically and through the other creative arts,” said Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau chief.