Selling Solar Power

Green roofing has made its move into the mainstream in recent years. However, solar panels have continued to struggle to make their niche in the market despite their measureable benefits. Why? The answer is simple: cost.

Results Outweigh Costs

Convincing people to purchase solar panels is a tough sell, especially for the average homeowner. Most people only see the initial costs of purchasing and installing these roof panels, forgetting about their long term money-saving and environmentally friendly effects. In order to combat this problem a new idea is in the works to make solar power more popular in years to come.

The idea of leasing solar panels is becoming more popular among corporations and municipalities. To lease solar panels, a third party investor puts the money up front for the cost of purchasing and installing the solar panels. The panels are then leased to the interested party for a fraction of the cost per month until the initial investment, plus some interest, has been repaid. The best part?  The lessee receives full energy benefits from the panels throughout the entire lease term.

This arrangement allows for more companies to rent-to-own the solar panels while they benefit from the energy produced by the panels, further reducing their costs. There are several cities nationwide that have signed contracts for solar leasing, as well as some major corporations. This is an idea that could revolutionize the green movement for the future.

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