Roofing Red Flags

rooferThese days one can never be too careful when doing business, especially when that business involves hiring someone to perform services around your home. Unfortunately, there are cases happening everyday where a homeowner is take advantage of or scammed by contractors performing home repairs. Even the roof repair industry is not free from poor quality companies operating to make quick money.

Trapped In Your Own Home

Hiring a roof contractor to replace or repair your roof is a big event. You are likely to be paying big money for the work to be completed, and having it completed correctly is very important. Between poor quality work, padded estimates and insurance claim fraud, you have much to be on the lookout for when having work done to your home. The following should be considered red flags when dealing with roof repair services:

  • Up-front fee requirements, especially those with no money back guarantee offers
  • Failure to produce proof of license/certification or copy of company insurance
  • Significantly lower bid than other companies
  • No references available for previous work done
  • Labor contract with no cancellation or termination clause
  • Hard sell of services, roof materials or products
  • Difficulty contacting company manager/owner
  • Failing to show up on time or follow proposed schedule
  • No reviews online, through word of mouth or the BBB


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