Signs Of Roof Collapse

Some of the country is still experiencing heavy snowfall from winter storms. Even in climates where snow load isn’t a problem, there are issues that can threaten the integrity of a roof. Knowing the signs of a roof collapse can save lives and prevents thousands of dollars in additional roof repair costs.

Staying Safe

Most cities have a builder’s code that enforces specific guidelines for roofing protocol. The code generally outlines rules for roof replacement, types of roof materials approved for use, limiting the number of material layers, and even outlines maximum weight load for a specific building. While not all roof problems result from the construction of the building, these safety codes are meant to protect people from the dangers associated with roof collapse.

Some of the warning signs that a roof may be dangerous are:

  • Cracking, sagging, or water soaked materials
  • Popping, cracking or groaning noises
  • Cracks suddenly appearing in walls
  • Bowing of walls or support columns
  • Sudden roof leaks
  • Door frames and window frames warping
  • Sprinkler heads can start pushing down below the normal height of the ceiling

Avoid entering buildings with any of these signs, and call the local authorities to report the potential for danger.



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