Rain Victims Get Roof Donations

The Northern Region of Ghana has been hit continuously by rain storms in recent weeks, leaving thousands of people without shelter. Reportedly displacing as many as 10,000 people and responsible for five deaths, these treacherous rains have caused devastation in an already struggling region of Africa. However, one company has stepped up to help this destructed community rebuild.

Reaching Out

Metalex Groups Companies has donated 100 bundles of roofing materials to the National Disaster Management Organization to aid in the rebuilding efforts. The roofing sheets provided by Metalex will go to support the victims and help repair houses that were destroyed by the rainstorms. Some of the materials will go towards rebuilding schools so that the local children can return to school and resume instruction.

Metalex Groups Company is one of the area’s leading metal roofing supply companies. The General Manager cites the company’s corporate social responsibility for the driving factor behind the donation.

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