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Roofing Contractor Awards

roofing awardThe roof repair business is a competitive one. With so many roof contractors in each city homeowners have both the luxury of choosing the company they want, but also the additional work of making sure they chose the best man for the job. Each year different roofing magazines and websites release their picks for industry related awards. However, homeowners should be aware that not all of these awards reflect professionalism and expertise.

And The Winner Is…

There is much to learn when it comes to choosing a roof contractor and homeowners certainly have their work cut out for them. A word of caution when browsing magazine and website awards for industry excellence: take notice of what tool of measurement the awards are based on.

For example, Roofing Contractor magazine released their picks for “top roofing contractor”, an award that is based on annual revenue and not professional standards. This award may be misleading for consumers looking for legitimate information about roofers and their qualifications. The same magazine also offered up an award for the Roofing Contractor of the Year, a title given out based on reputation and consumer reviews.

While this subtle difference may not seem like a big deal in the overall sense, it can certainly be problematic for homeowners looking for advice on who to chose for their roof repair job. Homeowners should always take the time to obtain multiple bids, review the information on file with the Better Business Bureau and ask for references before deciding on which contractor is best for them.



Pittsburgh Roofer With A Lot To Offer

Finding a good roofing company is like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many roofers in operation, homeowners often have a difficult time separating the good from the average from the bad. One contractor that serves the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area has been working to change the way roofing and construction is done.

“We Get The Job Done!”

Mutual Builders Corporation is a home remodeling contractor that offers a wide variety of services. Having been in business since 1954, Mutual Builders is committed to providing their customers with top quality services at the best price. They do all jobs big and small from new roof construction and roof repair to windows, siding, kitchens, bathrooms, decks, flooring.

Mutual Builders Corporation offers their customers many benefits that other roof contractors do not. They have offer financing plans that can provide approved customers with payments as low as $99 a month! Further, they offer a 10% service discount to all military members and senior citizens. All of their employees are professionally trained and fully insured. Their mission is to guarantee customer satisfaction by treating their home as if it was their own.

One of the best things about doing business with Mutual Builders Corporation is their philosophy towards customers. They sum it up by saying “We we are done, you will be happy. And until you are happy, we are not done!”

For more information about Mutual Builders Corporation, visit: .

Safe Practices For Roofers

roof safetyRoof repair is not an easy task. In fact, the roofing industry faces many challenges that others do not. Roofers have a tough job, one that often comes with many dangers and risks. In addition to state and federal safety laws that regulate industry compliance, many roof contractors are now improving the way they do business to boost their workplace safety.

Staying Safe On The Job

One of the most important things a roofer can do is train their staff. Having inexperienced or unlicensed employees can leave the company open to unnecessary safety hazards and even lawsuits.

While commercial roofers have mandatory training requirements for employees, many residential roofing companies do not. It is advised that all roofers participate in and complete a minimum of 10 hours in an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) certified training. Further, lead contractors or on-site supervisors should carry at least a 30 hour OSHA safety certificate when monitoring the work of others.

Innovations in industry equipment have also developed new tools for roofers looking for safety equipment.  Most roof contractors use roof jacks and toe boards when working on steep or variable sloped roofs. However, personal fall arrest systems have become recommended by OSHA and are being used more than in years past. Laddervators have also become a more popular method for hoisting roof materials rather than requiring a person to move up and down along the roof carrying heavy materials.


Roofer Steps Out To Improve The Industry

roofer awardWhile homeowners are busy choosing from endless listings of roof contractors in their area, one roofing company is hoping to change the way “they” do business. Patrick Roofing in West Melbourne, Florida recently received an award for setting an example in the industry.

Awards For Excellence

The Select Shingle Master Tenured Member Status was recently awarded to Patrick Roofing for their efforts in improving industry standards. As one of many local roofers, Patrick Roofing has been one of 139 companies participating one of the nation’s top credentialing program for the last 10 years.

What makes this credentialing program so special is its focus on training roofers to create the highest standards of quality and knowledge in the industry.  Known for its high-level training and skill building tolls, the program offers contractors a chance to learn new and improved skills for roof repair and materials. In order to obtain the level held by Patrick Roofing, the company must meet strict requirements, uphold a stellar reputation in their community and carry up to date liability insurance.



Roofers Cut Corners On Marlins Stadium

marlins stadiumThe Miami Marlins are set to get a new roof, but recent reports have surfaced shedding light on the less than stellar construction work. After calls from a disgruntled construction worker came in, the Miami-Dade inspector general showed up to ask questions and review the integrity of the roof.

The new retractable roof passed previous inspections by a subcontractor who allegedly falsified inspection reports. The head engineers are now back on site looking into what appears to be unraveling as a big problem.

A Big No-No

Over the last few weeks, the county’s inspector general’s office and several engineers have been gathering documents to probe into the problems with the Marlins Stadium roof construction. What they have found was shocking. Documents demonstrating that original engineering specifications were ignored, numerous actions of cutting corners have been identified, as well as several falsified document surfacing highlighting the substandard work.

Back in November, Inspector General Chris Mazzella reported that, “Some issues have recently arisen that need to be resolved.” One of the main problems was getting the substandard work repaired and up to meet code requirements. The original subcontractor who falsified reports was also terminated andrecent roof repair efforts began the roof problems are said to be “resolved”. City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff said, ” The engineer of record has indicated it’s a structurally sound building.” Plans are set to complete the $634 million stadium by Spring.


Homeowner Responsibilities For Hiring A Roof Contractor

rooferOwning a home requires a lot of maintenance, especially for important items like the roof. Anytime you need professional help repairing an aspect to your home it is important to know what to look for in a contractor. Hiring a roofer to conduct repairs or replace a roof is no easy task, as there are hundreds of roof contractors in your area competing for the same jobs. So how do you know if you have found the right one for the job?

Guidelines For Great Service

As a homeowner it is your responsibility to make sure the person you hire to conduct your roof repair is qualified and professional. It is important that you request written documentation of their professional licensing or credentials. Many cities and states require roof contractors to be registered with the local county office, something you should inquire with your local government about.

Another important document to obtain a copy of is the company’s insurance policy. Make sure the company you choose is insured and current on their liability insurance to avoid potential trouble down the road.

Don’t be shy about asking for references either. A high quality roofer should be able to provide at least two references of previous customers that you can contact.

Remember that you are the one paying for the work, which means that you maintain the right to obtain multiple quotes from different contractors, interview each and ask questions about how the work will be performed.  Anyone that is unwilling to take the time to answer your questions or is pushy about making the sale should send up a red flag.  Always use your instincts when choosing the right person for the job.




“No Roof Left Behind” Gives Away A Free Roof

For the third year in a row Roofing Contractors, Ridgecon Construction in Shelby Township, Michigan, gave away a free roof to a family in need. Ridgecon owners Jay and Matt Elie, let the online community decide by casting votes for the families to receive a free new roof.

Single Mother Wins

Annmarie Earhart of Sterling Heights, was one of the three finalists in this year’s contest.  Earhart is a single mother of three who was about to lose the insurance on her home if she did not replace her roof.  She has been unable to work in her career as a registered nurse for the last 3 years since she was hit by a drunk driver.

All the supplies were donated and Ridgecon Construction came out to her home on September 24th to install the free roof. Ridgecon Construction has been in business since 1994.  The “No Roof Left Behind” initiative came about when the Elie brothers spoke to hundreds of homeowners who were struggling in the bad economy.

Good People

“I think what they’re doing is an amazing thing,” said Earhart. “I could never repay them.” Rosalie Gawrowski, Earhart’s mother, said, “I think it’s a blessing. It shows that there’s still good people in this world.”

Previous winners are the Brunicardi family of Macomb County and Debbie and Dave Hill of Sterling Heights.

Bad Roofers Leave Homeowners Facing A Lien

bad rooferRoof repair and replacement is costly business and as a homeowner it is your job to make sure the work done to your home meets the standards of your insurance company. Many people assume that once they hand over the check to the roofer, their job is done. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

What happens if the roofer skips out on the bill of materials used for the job?

One would think the roof contractor should be held responsible in this situation, but many people have learned the hard way just how serious a job being a homeowner can be.

The Bill Collector

One homeowner in Bennett, Iowa learned a hard lesson when he paid a local contractor to redo the roof on his home earlier this year.  Jeremy Miller paid $7,300 for the work to be completed, only to later be contacted by the roofing material supplier attempting to collect on the bill. The material supplier said the roofing company never paid them and now Miller is trying to resolve a lien placed on his home by the supplier, who states he is responsible for the unpaid bill.

Miller now faces two choices: (1) come up with the money or (2) wait to see if the contractor pays the bill and put his house at risk of further action under the lien. Not only does Miller feel duped by the roof contractor, but he feels bullied by the roof material supplier who is pushing to get the money they were never paid by the contractor. As the homeowner, Miller already paid the contractor and doesn’t feel he should be responsible for the roofer skipping out on the bill, but what other choice does he have.

Drawing The Line

This lesson was hard learned for Jeremy Miller and people in his situation, but there are a few ways to protect yourself from experiencing a similar tragedy:

  • Get a bill of sale or receipt from the roofer showing the materials were paid for before work begins
  • Pay your roofer at the end of the job or only enough to cover the costs of the materials upfront



Finding The Right Roofer

rooferRepairing or replacing a roof can be a major expense and getting the right roofer to complete the job can be challenge in itself. No two roof contractors are the same and neither are their bids for the job. Make sure the roofer you choose meets the following criteria before agreeing to hire them for your roof repair or replacement.


It might seem obvious to hire a roofer that is locally owned and operated but you would be surprised to find out that homeowners rarely ask a company where they are based. Many roof companies operate in many zip codes and counties.

In general, there is nothing wrong with hiring a roofer that is based out of a neighboring zip code as long as they are familiar with your area and have completed jobs in your area in the past. Roofing companies that are new to the area have relocated to your area or cannot provide any references of completed work nearby should be a red flag. This may be a sign of a company with poor businesses practices or scam.

Licensed and Insured

Although it may be tempting to hire the roofer with the cheapest bid, but if they aren’t licensed and insured you are opening yourself up to potential problems down the road. Most states require a company to be licensed and registered with the state if they are going to be completing any construction work to a home over a specified dollar amount.

These laws help protect homeowners from unscrupulous contractors that operate without the proper credentials or insurance. If a roof contractor is not insured, you are left to foot the bill if any damage occurs to your home during the roof repair or replacement.

Roofing Jobs Are Hot

With temperatures here in Dallas over 105 and the heat index of 110, roofing crews and contractors are having a hard time staying cool. At the beginning of August central Texas has already had over 30 consecutive days of over 100 degrees with no relief in sight.

Some contractors are asking homeowners to postpone repairs until there is a break in the heat. Besides being dangerous for the crew, shingles can become fragile and brittle in the intense heat so crews walking on the shingles can cause more damage.

The crews are starting as early as 6 a.m. and putting in 14 hour days on roofs where temperatures can reach 130-140 degrees. The roofers are taking extra precautions to stay cool. Wetting down the shingles and using the water hose to cool themselves down, and by taking more frequent and longer breaks. Staying hydrated in humid temperatures is extra important as sweat will not evaporate into humid air.

Heat strokes, heat exhaustion and dehydration are real issues when you work out in the heat all day. Approximately 700 people die each year due to heat-related illness, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.