Roofers Cut Corners On Marlins Stadium

marlins stadiumThe Miami Marlins are set to get a new roof, but recent reports have surfaced shedding light on the less than stellar construction work. After calls from a disgruntled construction worker came in, the Miami-Dade inspector general showed up to ask questions and review the integrity of the roof.

The new retractable roof passed previous inspections by a subcontractor who allegedly falsified inspection reports. The head engineers are now back on site looking into what appears to be unraveling as a big problem.

A Big No-No

Over the last few weeks, the county’s inspector general’s office and several engineers have been gathering documents to probe into the problems with the Marlins Stadium roof construction. What they have found was shocking. Documents demonstrating that original engineering specifications were ignored, numerous actions of cutting corners have been identified, as well as several falsified document surfacing highlighting the substandard work.

Back in November, Inspector General Chris Mazzella reported that, “Some issues have recently arisen that need to be resolved.” One of the main problems was getting the substandard work repaired and up to meet code requirements. The original subcontractor who falsified reports was also terminated andrecent roof repair efforts began the roof problems are said to be “resolved”. City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff said, ” The engineer of record has indicated it’s a structurally sound building.” Plans are set to complete the $634 million stadium by Spring.


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