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Fundraisers to Repair Church Roof

On Tuesday, July 20th, the roof collapsed at the Wall Highway Baptist Church in Madison County Alabama. No one was hurt when the roof from the second floor gym collapsed around 7pm. 7-8 people were inside playing basketball and ran outside just in time before a 10,000 square foot section fell onto the first floor gym.

Church officials were hoping the insurance would cover the clean up and repair costs estimated at $800,000. Unfortunately church leaders learned the roof collapsed because of an architectural design error and that cause is not covered by insurance. Clean up alone is estimated to cost $30,000. Church leaders say it could take years to raise enough money to repair the 20 year old building.

Church leaders have begun raising funds to pay for a new roof. The first of their many fundraisers is a Pumpkin Patch. The pumpkin patch has 2,800 pumpkins for sale from $3 to $20. Pumpkin patch hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 2pm to 8pm. Wednesday 2pm to 6pm, all day Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm at the Wall Highway Baptist Church at 6597 Wall Triana Highway, Madison Alabama 35757. (256) 837-0971.

91 Year Old Woman Victim of Roofing Scam

Earlier this week in Greensboro N.C., 2 men were arrested after tearing a hole in an elderly woman’s roof and attempting to scam her for roof repairs. The men initially offered to fix Francis Ramm’s broken chimney for $15, while they were up there they damaged the roof and then asked her for $1,200 to make the additional repairs.

Mrs. Ramm called her son, Carlton Ramm, and he called the police. The two men, Cedric Renwood Pierce, 57 and Randall Scott Weeks, 38, were arrested at the victim’s home.

After hearing of the scam, a Greensboro roofing company, Davis Roofing, made the repairs for free. Shane Bryant of Davis Roofing wanted to let the 91 year old woman know there were “still good folks left in the world.” Carlton Ramm said the roofing company ensured the repaired roof would be good for another 30 years.

The victim and her son were overwhelmed by the kindness of Davis Roofing a day after they were appalled by the greed of others. At the time, the scammers were working for BRM Construction and working on another home in the area.

Roof Tile Damage From Belfast Aircraft Double Whammy

airplane damages roof

In Belfast, N. Ireland, victims have blamed low-flying aircraft in not one, but two accounts of roof tiles being dislodged earlier this month . Dan Melrose, of Parkgate Drive was leaving his home at 10:05 pm on Tuesday, June 8th, when he heard an aircraft going overhead. As he looked up, a roof tile was heading his way, he tried to get out of its way but it caught him on the side of the head. Mr. Melrose was shaken, but immediately telephoned the airport to complain.

The airport responded immediately by sending out a contractor to asses the damaged roof and then made repairs to ensure no water damage would occur throughout the night.

The following day, Mr. Melrose, 47, received treatment for a pulled neck muscle. A representative at George Best Belfast City Airport confirmed that although the aircraft was not flying low, they repaired the roof as a sign of goodwill. Residents near the airport are frequently complaining of the noise pollution caused by the increased influx of aircraft which is becoming more apparent as more destinations are being served.

In a separate incident, Jean Wright, a 55 year old from Oval Court, blamed low flying aircraft for ripping off roof tiles and roof insulation. The airport has again repaired the roof and admitted liability, but stated that the aircraft were all flying at the correct altitude at the time of flying over Mrs. Wright’s bungalow.

Mrs. Wright’s neighbor was inside her own property at the time and said the noise from the aircraft was very loud. Debris from the roof then falling into both the bungalow’s gardens.

There has been an investigation launched into both incidents, carried out by the Belfast City Airport Watch resident’s group, of which Dr. Liz Fawcett is the chairperson. The Civil Aviation Authority will also look into the damages caused by the frequently noisy aircraft.