Roofing Help For Business Owners

roof damageAfter Hurricane Irene, many business owners are returning to their businesses to survey the damage left behind. Many businesses will have severe roof damage caused by flying debris and high winds; while others may need to replace a roof that collapsed during the storm. For business owners, roof repair costs can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars.

Commercial roofs pose unique challenges when it comes to weather resistance and preventative maintenance. As storms such as Irene approach, many businesses board up windows and doors to keep out the rain. Unfortunately, many businesses forget about protecting their roof from the elements.

Checking Your Roof, Saving Your Business

As a business owner it is your responsibility to make sure your roof is properly maintained, especially before a large storm. There are a few ways to ensure your roof is maintained and you are prepared before any major weather event.

Have your roof inspected. Roofs should be inspected by a professional roof contractor at least once a year. If a weather event is predicted, have a roofer inspect your roof for damage and carry out any necessary repairs. Get a copy of the inspection report, which you may need to provide to the insurance company if any claim is filed after the storm.

Contact your insurance company. It is always a good idea to know what is and is not covered under your insurance policy at all times. Ask if they have any preventative maintenance clauses, which may exclude certain damages from your claim.

Document the evidence. Filing an insurance claim for damages can be a tedious process. Having all of your documentation about your roof can expedite the process. Take before and after pictures of the roof to send in along with your claim. Make sure you have any inspection, both before and after, the storm included in your claim.


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