Roof Conditions

If you have a leaky roof sometimes it makes it self known by drips from the ceiling. Sometimes you can pinpoint the approximate point of leakage on the underside of the roof sheathing from the attic and then go up on the roof and determine what is causing the leak.

Most of the time roof repair is not going to be that easy, water meanders from the roof leak making it difficult to find the point of origin. Water wanders across and downward and comes through the under surface of the roof boards and then again channeling under the boards to find a place in your ceiling to drip from.

Often Looking for Leaks While it is Still Raining

Vents, chimneys and flashing can be another source of leaks. Common places for roof leaks is around flashings and vents due to roof penetrations. Visual spotting of faulty flashing can be difficult, you will have to determine the general condition such as looseness, cracks in material, folds and separations.

Check for loose shingles, and missing tabs or roofing nails. Also check for tree limbs or debris that has fallen on the rooftop. Moisture can also accumulate enough water to flow down and become a leak. Moisture can cause long term damage without ever reaching the ceiling level.

While having your roof inspected either yourself or a roofing contractor,besides checking the top side of your roof looking for damaged shingles or flashings, the inspection should also include a close look at the underside of the roof checking for discoloration and water marks.

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