$1 Million Repair Estimate for BC Place Roof

BC Place Stadium owners are going to court to determine who will pay for the million dollar roof repairs to Vancouver BC Place Stadium. During a pre-trial conference this week lawsuits were filed by the sub-contractor on the $563 million renovation of the stadium and countersuit by the general contractor.

Lubricants needed to allow the cables to flex have leaked onto the $30 million fabric roof. BC place owners BC Pavilion Corp., contend the problem is with the contractor and the estimated $1 million to fix the problem resides with the contractor since it was a fixed price contract.

Millions of Dollars in Law Suit

The roof subcontractor Freyssinet, a French company, is claiming in a lawsuit that they are still owed $6.5 million of the $30 million contract. They are suing BC Pavilion Corp, the Canam Group and PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. The $30 million was for engineering and fabrication of the cable and cast steel connections.

Canam is countersuing for $26 million, they deny owing Freyssinet any money and claim Freyssinet supplied cables that continue to leak grease and oil and causing extra expense. Canam claims Freyssinet breached the sub contract because they failed to perform the cable work in a proper workmanlike and timely manner. “An inefficient and unworkable construction methodology for the cable erection, significantly underestimating the cost of the cable erection.”

The case is scheduled to go to trial in October 2013.

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