Travelers Scams – Roofing Nightmare

An increasing trend seems to be a group of well dressed, polite, salesmen who pull up to your home in nice clean vehicles and make empty promises to fix your roof, driveway or other home repairs. Law enforcement refers to these scam artists as “travelers”.

The travelers often deceive homeowners into making unnecessary repairs. They make claims of doing your repairs quickly and cheap, offering amazing deals that are often hard to pass up. Problems soon arise when the homeowner realizes the quality of the job is severely substandard and they have no way to contact the contractors for any resolution.

Consumers can protect themselves in a variety of ways, first of all be wary of anyone coming to you and asking to make repairs, also remember the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Get the name of the contractor, their address and phone number, ask for licenses and references. Check with the Better Business Bureau in your area to see if there have been any complaints filed on this company. Also, check online or in the yellow pages to verify if this is a real business. There are plenty of legitimate companies out there willing to give you an estimate and complete the work in an ethical and professional manner.

Source: Consumer Affairs

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