New Roofing Scam Revealed

Having work done on your roof is a major undertaking for most people. There are thousands of dollars involved, making it appealing for scammers to take advantage of homeowners. Being informed of their methods is a powerful tool to avoid being scammed.

Shippensburg PA

New scam alert for people that just had their roofs replaced in Shippensburg PA. On Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 3 young-looking white people attempted to scam a Shippensburg Borough resident out of $1,700.

The 3 suspects told the homeowner that they were roofers and they worked for the company that had recently replaced their roof. They told the homeowner that they needed to inspect the work that was done. Since they sounded knowledgeable and the homeowner recognized the name of the roofing company, they let them check it out.

Police Report

“After checking the roof, they said there were some problems that needed to be fixed,” Shippensburg Police Chief Fred A. Scott wrote in his report. “The owner told them to fix the problems. They messed around on the roof for a while and then told the homeowner they needed over $1,700 for the repairs.”

The homeowners gave the 3 people the check but the bank refused to cash it because of how the check was written. When the bank called the homeowners about the check, the homeowners asked the bank not to cash it. In the meantime, the homeowners had called the roofing company who had no knowledge of these 3 people.

When the 3 suspects returned to the homeowners to get another check, the genuine roofing company was there and when the suspects saw them, they left the area.

General Description of the Suspects

The 3 suspects, described as being very young, were driving a late 1980’s or early 1990’s black Ford truck. They were carrying a tool box and ladder in the back. If you have any information about this incident, please call the Shippensburg Police Department at 717-532-7361.

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