Arkansas Passes Law To Protect Homeowners From Repair Scams

roof repairHaving your home repaired or remodeled can be a stressful process. Whether your home is in need of roof repair or interior remodeling, choosing the right contractor can be overwhelming. Homeowners trust their contractor will do a honest job and perform the work as intended. Unfortunately, many homeowners have fallen victim to non-reputable contractors and were left with poor work that only cost them more money in the end.

Laying Down The Law

While there are many professional and legitimate contractors in operation, there are many more unscrupulous companies lurking around the corner. For homeowners, deciphering which contractor is best for the job can be difficult. In an effort to protect Arkansas homeowners, the state has passed a new law to assist homeowners in the home repair process.

As of January 1, 2012, the state of Arkansas will require any construction or remodeling over $2,000 to be completed by  a state licensed contractor. In the past, the limit was $20,000, which left ample room for unlicensed contractors to take on projects they may not have been qualified for. The law will also prevent contractors from completing jobs in stages or under separate contracts of work for a single job to get around the license requirement.

The state is offering an opportunity for unlicensed contractors to obtain the necessary credentials based on their amount of experience, level of ability and performance reviews completed by previous customers. The state’s Residential Building Contractors Committee is charged with the responsibility of administering new licenses, reviewing existing licenses and implementing penalties for violations of the new law. The committee hopes that by offering unlicensed contractors an opportunity to obtain their credentials through a monitored avenue, all scammers and non-reputable repair contractors will be weeded out in the process.




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