Report Indicates Increase Demand for Roofing

According to a study from Cleveland based industry market research firm the Freedonia Group, the world roofing demand will increase worldwide by 3.8% annually until 2016.

The report indicates the growth will be fueled by an increase in residential building construction and construction industries in major developed nations. The United States and China will account for nearly 60% of the roofing demand.

Shingles will Account for 80% of Demand

Roofing materials vary in different countries, bituminous (asphalt) and tile (clay and concrete) products being the most popular. The United States uses more of the bituminous products with the heavy use of asphalt shingles, while concrete tiles still dominate the market in Asian-Pacific Region.

The report points to a major recovery in new single family housing construction in the U.S. with fast rebound growth in developed countries and typically slower growth in smaller roofing markets in developing areas.

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