Old Roof Sold As Scrap Metal

copper roofThe green roofing movement has created quite a buzz for innovative roofing techniques and recycled roof materials. More roof contractors are offering recycled roof materials for new roof installations, as well as removal and haul away for old roof materials that can be recycled into new products.

Although most people typically think of metal roofs as being the only roof type that is easily recycled into new products, even traditional asphalt shingles can be recycled into new shingles or scrap rubber. However, metal roof materials come at a higher buyback price than most other materials, making them more appealing for those looking to maximize their trade in value.

County Courthouse Trade

A southern Indiana courthouse has been topped by a copper roof for nearly a century. The Monroe County courthouse had planned to sell the metal roof to a nonprofit group that collects antiques and architectural artifacts. However, once the deal fell through a local salvage yard put in a winning bid for the copper roof pieces. The old roof was purchased for $2,200 and sold to the Owen County salvage yard, where it will be recycled into scrap metal.

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