Nashua Fire Department Re-Usable Roof

Nashua New Hampshire, high school students design and build a re-usable roof for the Nashua fire department roofFire Department at their fire rescue training facility at the city landfill.

Nashua high school administrators approached the fire department with an offer to let the students work on the fire department building. The students designed a reusable 48 square foot box that fits inside one of the four hatches on the gabled roof.

Five students in the building construction class showed up this Saturday at Four Hills landfill and installed shingles on the roof they had moved from their school. A crane will set the roof on top of the 3 story concrete building later this month.

The structure is used for training for Nashua and other area firefighters who regularly set the building on fire.

The new design’s replaceable openings can be changed out, so when the firefighters ventilate for smoke and gas by axing their way through the ceiling, only the reusable boxes will need to be replaced.

Replacing the roof has cost the city $10,000 to $15,000; the new design will cost approximately $3,500 to rent the crane and materials.

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