Handling Roof Pests

roof pestsRoof repair costs aren’t the only concern for home and building owners. The costs of handling and removing pest problems can be quite expensive. The problem with pests is what they do while living on a roof and what they leave behind for the owners to clean up. Depending on the type of roof, preventing and removing a pest problem can be anywhere between simple to complex enough to warrant a professionals help.


Just like any other type of roof damage, preventive maintenance is key. A roof isn’t something to be ignored and should be checked periodically throughout the year to ensure the roof materials are in good working condition and there aren’t any major problems.

Pests are one of these problems and all kinds of animals can leave behind undesired effects to a roof. Squirrels and birds are notorious for building nests or temporary resting places, leaving behind dirt, leaves and debris as building materials. If these animal structures are not cleaned off they can lead to mildew, rot and damaged shingles.

Another common roof pest is bees, wasps and hornets. Often these insects will nest inside the roof or along the roof lines inside the siding, undetectable to the eye. In the winter months, these insects will hibernate inside these areas and wait for warmer weather to begin building their nests along the crevasses of the roof lines. While bees and wasps aren’t inherently damaging to one’s roof they do bring undesired effects of swarming, defensive and attack behavior to humans who enter their space and can quickly double in numbers.


Removing pest waste or leftovers can usually be done by the home or building owner. Sweeping away any materials or debris can be done using a broom. Check the valleys and ridges of the roof line, which is where these materials tend to accumulate. Bees and wasps can be deterred by spraying the roofline with pesticide, but this method contains toxins and should be handled carefully. Any live pests should be removed by a professional animal or pest control person. Homeowners should never attempt to remove or trap a live animal on their own.

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