Oklahoma’s New Roofing Contractor Law

Oklahoma recently passed the first law of its kind: requiring roofing contractors to register with the Oklahoma Constructions Industries Board. The law is an effort to protect homeowners from unqualified and unscrupulous roofing contractors.

Taking effect in January, Oklahoma Statutes as Section 1151 Title 59, to be known as “Roofing Contractors Registration Act.” Contractors will have tougher regulations to maintain. The database of the contractors registered will be available on the Construction Industries Board website.

Some of the new regulations are:

  • Any person performing roofing services for a fee are required to
  • Paying an annual $300 registration fee.
  • Submit their qualifications.
  • Show proof of liability insurance (minimum coverage $500,000).
  • Show workers compensation insurance coverage (unless can show
  • Must submit a surety bond in the amount of $1 million to be held by the
  • Must pay all taxes.
  • Not been required to register as a sex offender in this or any other
  • The registrar may refuse to register an applicant for providing false
    information or by not performing the requirements listed.

Click here to view the new roofing laws and regulations.

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