New CA Law Targets School Roofing Bids

CA lawmakers passed a bill requiring architects, engineers and consultants to disclose any financial ties to the roofing projects being bid for the public schools. Similar laws have been in place but not enforced causing California to pay up to $125 million every year in extra roof repair costs.

Problems occurred when roofing projects where designed and written in ways that only one manufacturer could complete the job. Other companies with similar products could not qualify and did not have enough time to develop and test their products in time for the bid.

The state Assembly Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review found specifications being written to require contractors to use specific products thereby eliminating any competition. Without competitive bidding, the schools are being charged double and subject to price gouging and kick backs.

AB635 is designed to open competitive bidding for roof repair and replacement for school districts and community colleges by determining if the professional writing the job specifications will receive financial benefits from the roofing industry.

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