Laws Changes HOA Limits For Homeowners

HOAAnyone living in a neighborhood governed by a Homeowners Association knows the hassle that these organizations can bring to homeowners. Between high maintenance fees and strict rules, homeowners have very little freedom when it comes to making decisions about their homes. However, a new law makes some important changes to HOA rules that should allow homeowners more freedom.

The Power Of Decisions

The Texas legislature passed new rules late last year that restricts some of the power of the HOA. Homeowners may now have the ability to make roof repairs and improvements that were previously prohibited. In the past,  many HOAs did not allow homeowners to install certain roof materials or install rain gutter systems on their homes. Often citing aesthetic appeal and neighborhood consistency as their reason for denying certain homeowner actions, HOAs may not have to back down in certain instances.

The new law allows for the homeowner to install solar panels, green roofing systems and other energy efficient products without the HOAs approval in most areas. As part of the continued initiative to encourage more homeowners to participate in energy conservation efforts, recycled roof products and other roofing systems may be allowed regardless of previous HOA guidelines. One of the biggest changes will be the requirement of HOAs to hold open meeting for any major decisions and allow homeowners to vote regarding the implementation of such changes, putting the power back into the hands of the people.

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