Roofing Complications

Sometimes just by looking at a roof you can tell which ones will be easier to re-roof than others. For example steeply sloped or pitched roofs can involve special instructions for applying asphalt shingles. The factory applied adhesive works best for lower sloped roofs when the weight of the shingle plus the sun’s heat softens the adhesive and completes the bond. When the roof is steeply sloped you may need additional enforcement of roof cement to help the bonding process.

Roof dormers combined with steep roof slopes further complicate re-roofing efforts. These areas are difficult to climb around and take additional time to fit the shingles around the dormer ridges and valleys. Slips and falls are a strong concern when maneuvering around on a steeply sloped roof, and especially so when you must maneuver around dormers or other protrusions from your roof.

Damaged Sheathing

Other complications arise from the condition of the roof sheathing underneath the roof covering. Moisture damaged and rotting roof sheathing boards means repair work needs to be done in addition to the re-roofing. New roofing materials won’t last very long if applied to damaged boards that won’t hold nails.

Even if there is no moisture damage there can still be sagging in the sheathing from old boards. In most cases you can use longer nails to put the new sheathing material up over the old wavy sheathing boards.

How steep your roof slopes and if there is any sheathing damage should be a strong deciding factor in choosing to re-roof your home yourself or hiring an experienced roofing company to do the job.

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