Roof Tear Off

Tearing off an old roof is hard work; it is hard on your back, muscles and joints. Heavy roofing materials need to be lifted to the roof either manually or by machine. It is hard work shoveling and scraping the old shingles and nails off the roof. Steep pitched roofs can be especially dangerous, being careful not to lose your footing and falling with loose debris.

Start at the top of your roof and remove the shingles in sections standing above or behind the debris to avoid standing on it. Scrape off all the roofing with shovels, pitchforks or crowbars. Keep your shovel or pitchfork up against the decking to peel off large chunks of shingles instead of one at a time.

Remove Flashings

Remove flashings around vents, valleys, dormers, chimneys and skylight’s. Some flashing may be reusable but most will need to be replaced. Remove shingles across the ridge and pry out any nails and seep away any debris left on your roof.

Removing an old roof makes a lot of debris and waste material. You can shovel the old shingles and nails onto the ground to be picked up later, or use a rental waste container or debris box that can be placed under an eave to allow the waste to slide right into the dumpster or large truck.

You can even make a plywood shaft to corral the debris into the dumpster.
Your local roofer will tear off your old roof and remove the waste if you don’t feel confident or have the time to do the job yourself.

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