Improving Roofs Through Upgrades

Homeowners are always looking for ways to make home improvements that boost the look and quality of the home. One area often overlooked for upgrades is the roof. New roof products are available in a variety of styles and materials that can make enhancing the feel of a home quick and easy.

Moving Up

Most people ignore their roof until it is time for roof repair or replacement. Even if you don’t need any work to be done for the integrity of your roof, you can still make some changes that will improve the look and the quality.

Consider adding metal accents to certain parts of the roof. Adding a small accent piece to portions of the home is both cost effective and aesthetically interesting.  A popular area for a  metal accent is the portico, or small front porch of a home. Homes with various roof lines may choose to install metal roof pieces along certain sections only, one example is the gable. A mansard roof is a unique roof shape often found in historic or more traditionally styled homes. Their shape, paired with a metal or slate tile accent, can really make a home stand out from the rest.

Another way to upgrade a home is by choosing a higher quality product. Slate tiles are more expensive than a traditional asphalt shingle, but offers a higher caliber look. Also, slate tiles are more durable and longer lasting that a traditional asphalt roof, saving money in the long run. If price is a concern, there are upgraded options available that can work with just about any budget. Even traditional asphalt shingles now come in a variety of qualities, even offering recycled materials. Although the aesthetic appeal may be the same, a higher quality product or one made from recycled materials can offer more benefits than the bottom of the line model.



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