College Students Install New Roof for Training

The carpentry class at Missoula College got hands on training while putting on asphalt shingles onto an elderly disabled woman’s home this week. The 8 second year students became roofers under the direction of Dennis Deneke their teacher. The students fixed the leaky roof for the mobile home owner Mary Steinert who uses a wheelchair to get around.

Three years ago Missoula Housing Authority inspector Norm Verworn had to red tag Steinert’s home for roof damage due to the addition pulling away from the house.

A Gap in the Roof

Verworn said “what had happened was she had a contractor come and put an addition on her trailer house and he didn’t secure it right underneath, over the years, the addition was slowly pulling away on the top from the house, which created a pretty good leak.”

Verworn knew Steinert could not afford to fix the roof so he spent time at lumber yards attempting to get materials to help her out. Verworn said “So in order to keep us from forcing her to move away, I thought it was a better deal to see if we could get volunteer work to repair the roof and keep her there”.

The college students did the labor, Beaudette Consulting Engineers checked out the project. Boyce Lumber donated money and Home depot donated a ridge cap. Missoula College donated flashings and other roof materials for the project.

Deneke said “She’s just thrilled about it, to finally get the problem taken care of. We’re still looking to get the inside taken care of. Since she’s had water for some time, I’m sure there’s mold up in the ceiling.”

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