Roof Systems Soffits and Fascia

Soffits and fascia are important elements of a roof system. Proper installation of soffits and fascia improve the appearance of your home as well as help prevent birds and animals from getting into your attic. Well maintained soffits and fascia prevent water from running along the overhang and causing moisture damage. Knowing the purpose of these two areas will help you spot potential problems and be able to describe what you want to your local roofer.

Soffits and fascia close off the areas beneath the roof eaves and can be made from vinyl, aluminum, metal or various woods. Keeping these areas properly maintained includes scraping and repainting peeling surfaces and replacing missing or rotten pieces.

Venting Systems

The flat section on the underside of a roof is a soffit; it closes off the underside of the rafters. Soffit vents, usually small holes allow air to move and prevent moisture issues. Other soffit vents can be simple metal grates attached to the underside of the soffit.

Fascia is the vertical finished edge nailed to ends of the rafters or trusses and protects the wooden edge from damage. Fascia vents usually sit on top of the fascia boards beneath the roof felt.

If your soffit or fascia shows signs of rot or damage, ask your roofer to correct it immediately to prevent any further damage to the rest of your roofing system.

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