Roof Fans

Good roof fans and vents allow fresh air to cool your living space in the summer and in cold weather proper ventilation helps prevent moisture from condensing in the insulation, rafters, and shingles or on the roof. Ventilation also removes smoke, steam and other indoor pollutants from your home. Your attic will stay cool and dry, lowering your utility bills and prolonging the life of your roof.

A roof fan will pull the air out of your attic. One of the most efficient ways of pulling air out of your attic is an attic fan attached to your roof. Cutting the hole in your roof and creating a proper seal can be difficult. You may need to have your local roofer install the fan. If the shingles aren’t laid correctly over the fan flashing, your roof will leak.

Cutting a hole in your roof

From on top of your roof, cut the hole directly over your shingles and roof. Carefully pull back the shingles and other roofing materials, slide the fan underneath the shingles and cover the hole. Use flashing to frame the hole around the vent and roofing cement to seal the edges.

From inside your attic, run power to the fan and attach the wires to the fan. A thermostat will determine when the fan turns on and off.
Attic ventilation systems also come in solar. Solar attic fans are inexpensive to operate and are generally maintenance free. Since no electrical wiring is involved, they may be easier to install.

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