Roof Components

The main function of a roof is to keep the interior dry and not allow moisture in. To achieve this your roof system must work together to provide shelter, drainage and ventilation.

From the top, your roof coverings are layers of shingles, usually asphalt, felt paper, sheathing and then your attic. To seal water out, metal flashings are installed around chimneys, vent pipes in valleys and in other protrusions from you roof.

Fascia and Soffit

Fascia is a horizontal board attached to the end of the rafters supporting gutters and soffit panels.

Soffits are on the underside of the eaves and cover and protect the area below the roof overhangs. Roof vents and soffit vents keep fresh air circulating throughout the roof system.

Gutters are attached to the fascia and carry water away from the roof and into the downspouts.

Vents can be on the roof ridge, soffits and external baffle types. The goal is to create a continuous flow of air, intake vents are placed along the soffits and exhaust vents are in the upper part of the roof to allow the air to be released.

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