New Roof Tile To Give Urban Areas A Break From Smog

smog roof tilesResidents of urban areas are about to get a break from the toxic gases in the local air. Roof materials have recently made the leap into a new type of green roofing, providing environmentally conscious tiles that can actual absorb smog.

What’s New

Recent advances in roof materials have brought welcome relief for homeowners and residents of urban areas. Urban living is plagued by air pollution and residents have very little option for avoiding it. Improvements in the green roofing industry have brought rooftop gardens into urban areas to help combat some of the effects of air pollution, as well as add a much needed green space to an otherwise concrete filled city.

Clay tiles and a cement roof product are now available in a smog reducing variety. Made from titanium dioxide, these new roof materials combat pollutants by reacting with nitrogen oxide in the air. The result is the breakdown of toxic gases into harmless nitrate gases. The tiles are activated by the sun’s rays, which starts the chemical reaction that breaks down the nitrogen oxides in the air into oxygen and nitrates.

Cleaner air means happier homeowners and renters. Big cities have face numerous challenges, but luckily are getting a little help from roofers that are committed to finding top quality products.

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