Moss Covered Roofs Not Always “Green”‘

moss covered roofWhile much of the green roof movement has focused on natural, vegetative coverings as a main roof material, they aren’t always executed properly. Moss-covered roofs can be a great way to insulate a home and reduce environmental impact, but when the moss comes in addition to a non-green roof material, it can be more problematic than beneficial.

Roofing Made Not So Easy

In order for a moss-covered roof to be beneficial for both the homeowner and the environment it needs to be part of an intentional green roof. In many areas around the world where climates are moist or part of densely wooded forests, moss can infiltrate a traditional roof material, causing more harm than good.

Asphalt shingles, wood shakes and clay tiles are all roof materials that can be damaged by the growth of moss along the roof line. Since these traditional roofing materials are not made to support a moss covering, the increased moisture and growth patterns of the plant itself can damage the materials and result in the need for roof repair.

Metal roofs are fairly resistant to moss, or other plant, covering materials and do not require much maintenance in the way of preventative care. For other traditional roof materials, installing a stripĀ  of metal roof along the peak of the roof itself to discourage moss from growing along the roof line.




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