Metal Roofs Save Money In Long Run

Metal roofs, are not the tin roofs of yesteryears, they have changed dramatically from the old barn roofs and sheds.   Metal roofs are an attractive, durable, energy efficient and practical option for many homes.

Although initially metal roofs can cost twice as much as an asphalt roof, you will save money in the long run.  Metal roofs reflect the heat away from your roof keeping your attic cooler and reducing the cost of energy use in the warmer months.  Metal roofs can also last hundreds of years and usually come with 50 year warranties, far outlasting the traditional asphalt roof. Metal roofs also stand up to hail, wind and fire better than most roofing materials saving you money on repairs.

More Versatility

Today’s metal roofs are made in a variety of colors and styles. Metal roofs made of either aluminum or steel are made to resemble shingles or shakes. The aluminum panels come in various sizes depending upon the manufacturer.  The principle manufactures now making these panels are the major aluminum companies.  Another type of metal roofing panel is called ‘decramastic’ roof tile made of relatively lightweight galvanized steel, and covered with mastic and mineral granules.

Metal roofs are interlocked and screwed down making them less susceptible to the wind damage, but it does take longer to install than asphalt roofs accounting for some of the additional installation costs. Check with your contractor or roofer to determine if your metal roof qualifies for an Energy Star tax credit.


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