Metal Roofing Faces Opposition

metal roofMany homeowners love metal roofs and the variety of styles and colors they offer. They have great aesthetic appeal and can really add value to the look of a home.

These roof materials also offer great wind resistance and are energy efficient. A quality metal roof can reflect the sun’s UV rays, keeping the home at a more even temperature and protecting the home from sun damage.

Homeowners also love metal roofs for their green roofing impact, as they are easily recycled into scrap metal or made from recycled materials. However, not everyone is a fan and they have begun to meet public opposition for the first time.

All Opposed?

While we can all agree that not every roof material is appropriate for every home, there has been very little negative feedback about metal roofs until now. One roof contractor in California is speaking out about the dangers of metal roof for California residents.

Much of California is susceptible to wildfires and the threat of fire damage. Metal roofs come with a basic level of fireproofing that, generally, does not require additional maintenance or additional treatment for the average home. However, homes that are at a greater risk of fire danger require additional fireproofing to be sure the home is as safe as possible.

Just because one California roofer does not feel metal roofs are appropriate forĀ  California homes doesn’t mean that they can’t be used at all. Homeowners that are interested in metal roofing should shop around for the best material, making sure to find a metal roof that has a “Class A” fire rating. Copper roofs are considered Class A roof materials and aluminum roofs must have fire resistant underlay materials to meet the Class A standard. Many metal roofs may also come treated with chemicals that increase their fire safety rating.



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