Metal Roof Benefits

With so  many types of roofing materials available, homeowners are often presented with the unique dilemma of too many options.  While most people stick with a traditional composite asphalt roof, they may be missing out on some of the benefits other roof materials can offer.

Magnificent Metal

Metal roofs are often chosen because of their durability and unique aesthetic appeal. Whether you choose a beautiful bronze roof material or a simple aluminum, your home will benefit in one or more of these ways:

1. Fire resistant — metal is a powerful protector of your home, especially for homes that are vulnerable to fire. The  naturally fire resistant nature of metal roof materials can prevent fires from spreading and reduce the chances for additional threat or damage.

2. Mold/Mildew resistant —  unlike other roof materials, metal roofs are naturally resistant to moisture. That  means that metal roofs serve well in coastal areas, where problems with mold and mildew often plague traditional roof  materials.

3. Energy efficient — metal roofs deflect the sun’s rays in the summer,  keeping the home cooler. For improved energy efficiency, white roof coatings can be applied to the metal roof to further reduce the abortion of heat and damaging rays.

4. Easy installation and maintenanceroofers and homeowners both win with a metal roof as it is easy to install and keep clean. Homeowners are far less likely to experience the need for high maintenance costs or experience damage.

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