Lead Roof Jacks

Also called roof vent jacks, are used over plumbing vent stacks extending from your roof to keep water from getting under your roofing material. The roof jacks should be checked yearly for leaks and cracks and chew marks from pests. The sun can crack the material over time on the galvanized steel and rubber jacks (boots), and squirrels often like to chew on the soft lead to sharpen their teeth.

For the Do It Yourself Types

If you are a DIY type, you can replace the lead roof jacks by using a pry par to carefully remove the shingles around the old roof jack, remove any roofing nails and take out the shingle. Remove the old roof jack by sliding it up over the vent pipe. Put the new lead jack over the vent and secure it by putting a couple of nails into the flange. Replace new shingles, cutting to fit if necessary, put nails at the top of the gaps. Once the shingle is firmly in place, use a hammer to bend the lead jack over and into the vent opening.

Rubber or Aluminum Jacks

Other options are rubber or aluminum roof jacks, but they generally are not as durable and efficient at keeping out the rain as the lead roof jacks.

Call a Roofing Contractor

If this sounds like too much effort, or if you are not comfortable working up on your roof, you can call a roofing company in your area to come out and inspect and install new lead roof jacks.

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