Flat Roof Materials, Not All Are Created Equal

flat roofFlat roofs face many challenges. As they already must combat the effects that gravity can play with their lack of adequate slope, these roofs are generally the most challenging type of roof for homeowners to maintain.

Finding someone for proper roof repair on a flat roof can also be challenging. While many roofers can repair a damaged flat roof, they may not use the best roof materials or even know about all the various flat roof material options.

Comparing Materials

The most important element to selecting the best flat roof material is water resistance and weather seal. It must be able to withstand lots of moisture without becoming damaged by standing water. Most flat roofs contain at least one type or rubber or plastic based sheathing to protect the underlying materials from water. It isn’t uncommon to find traditional asphalt shingles along a flat roof, which is not a problem as long as they are laid properly.

Flat Roofing Methods

One of the older methods for laying materials on a flat roof is constructed up roofing. This method consists of laying down multiple layers of tar and water resistant fabrics on the roof, which is then covered with gravel. This method is popular for its aesthetic appeal of the gravel, along with its affordability. However, the constructed up method often results in strong odors from the tar and gravel clogged gutters and drains.

The modified Bitumen method involves rolling a mineral covered surface onto the roof. The Bitumen mineral in the material reflects heat and sun rays, which can reduce the amount of energy consumed within the home to cool itself. This method is popular for its ability to be used by do-it-yourselfers.

One of the more weather resistant flat roof materials is the rubber membrane. This method involves laying a durable thick rubber on the roof. The rubber material makes it highly resistant to excess moisture and the nature of the surface makes leak detection a breeze.



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