Concrete Roof Tile

Concrete roofs have gained popularity in the roofing field. It offers excellent wind, hail and fire resistance and installs similarly to clay tiles and slate. Concrete roof tile is made of sand, cement and water; exact ingredients vary with each manufacturer.

Concrete tiles are typically made into flat shakes instead of contoured clay like tiles. Although you can special order contoured shapes of concrete tile. Some manufacturers even make tiles that mimic wood in color and texture.

Smog Eaters

Entering the market is a ‘smog eating’ concrete tile, using a catalyst embedded in the upper part of the roof tile. The tile speeds up oxidation reducing nitrogen oxide when exposed to sunlight. The tile works similar to how a catalytic converter does in a car, protecting the air that we breathe.

Concrete tiles are heavy, about the same weight as clay tile. Some manufactures are making concrete tiles that are fortified with wood fibers and polymers to reduce overall weight without compromising durability. Concrete tiles offer about the same performance characteristics of clay tiles or slate but with lower overall installation costs.

Lasts a Lifetime

The National Association of Home Builders conducted a study in 2007 and determined concrete tile is one of only three roofing materials that will last a life time. Clay tile and copper are the other two materials; both products are more expensive than cement.

One consideration is although a concrete tile roof is expected to last 50 years, the underlayment may not last that long. Ensure your roofers are using quality underlayment, batten systems and flashings.

Concrete tiles are generally more resistance to damage from hail than any other roofing material, they are also easy to replace if any tiles get broken.

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