Church Roof Goes Green

church roofThe Shepherd of the Hill Presbyterian Church in Chaska Minnesota, removed the shingles and insulation on their roof and added structural insulated panels.

The foam plastic panels are squeezed in between two boards. The 7 ½ inch wide panels are energy efficient and expected to save as much as 50% of the churches energy bill.

Going Green

When the 40 year old church had water leaking into the sanctuary, they decided to go green with their new roof. Reverend Gordon Stewart said “what we’ve come to realize is that we’ve got to live collaboratively and in friendship with the earth itself, and not treat the earth as a garbage dump.”

$79,000 for the Job

The 80 church members were able to raise the $79,000 needed for the roofing project. When talking about the sustainable roof, Reverend Stewart said, “practices that are energy efficient, that don’t waste energy that recycle, all of the things we can do, that are within our reach to do, to be responsible stewards of the earth itself.”

The panels were provided by Extreme Panel Systems, Inc. of Cottonwood, Minnesota and Progressive Panel Builders, LLC in New Richmond, Wisconsin installed the panels.

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