Roof Safety Tips

roof safetyMany people are injured each year due to roof debris, roof collapse and even fires starting among roof materials. Roof contractors are especially vulnerable to rooftop dangers, as they are on the front lines of risk when it comes to roof repair and replacement. Homeowners and roofers should both be vigilant when it comes to the threats a poorly maintained roof can pose.

Staying Safe

There are laws in place to help protect us from certain rooftop dangers like fire and structural collapse. Roofing codes are put into place to ensure that roof materials meet certain standards of fire resistance, strength and durability. Materials that fall below code could pose an imminent threat to the homeowner, or anyone living or working under this type of roof. Therefore it is important to do the following:

  • Keep the roof clear of debris and pests.
  • Regularly inspect the roof for signs of damage or weakness, at least once per season.
  • Replace or repair any damaged, missing or weak roof materials.
  • Have a professional roofer conduct an inspection following any major weather events, or prior to purchasing a house.
  • Stay away from buildings that have sagging rooflines or obvious signs of damage.


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