Removing Old Roof Benefits

old roofMany people suffering with roof damage or problems have attempted to save money by covering the old roof with a new layer. While this may be a quick and cheaper option, it certainly isn’t the best option for everyone. Here is why:

Hidden Problems

Covering an existing roof with new roof materials is acceptable if the old roof is not damaged. When you cover an old roof with a new layer of roof materials without removing the old or damaged ones, you are essentially creating a “band-aid fix”. Stripping the old materials away allows for the roofer to inspect the entire roof structure for any further damage, giving them a chance to identify additional problems.

Encouraging Decay

Layering roof materials also increases the risk of mold, mildew, rot and decaying of materials. Any moisture, debris or pest waste is likely to fester under the new roof materials and cause damage. Moisture problems can be costly and are likely to only worsen with additional weight of new materials.

Warranty and Code Violations

There are rules and regulations that are enforced with roof materials. To meet fire and safety codes, materials must meet strict requirements and be installed properly. Adding too many layers of roof materials can be a code violation, and even increase the risk of fire or other dangers. Further, adding layers over an existing roof could void the warranty on the materials used in all of the layers, leaving little recourse with insurance companies when filing a claim down the road.



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