Inspect Your Roof after a Storm

The recent hurricane and storms on the east coast remind us that our roofs should be inspected after each heavy rain and storm.  Small leaks can turn into big problems; it’s cheaper and easier to fix a few missing shingles or bent flashing now than replacing your whole roof and deck later.

Check for Damage

Stains on your drywall are a good indicator that your roof may be leaking.  Check your yard for any roofing nails or shingles that may have blown off during the storm.  Standing in your yard with binoculars or safely on a ladder, check for missing shingles or missing or bent flashings on your roof.

Although your roof may be guaranteed to last 20 years, your flashings and rubber flanges should be replaced after approximately 7 years.  Leaks from pipes and vents for plumbing and chimneys are common due to the flashing being blown off or bent.

Check Your Gutters

Don’t forget to check your gutters.  If they are full of dirt and debris, the water can back up and seep under the soffit, shingles or decking.  This could rot the wood and create large holes that are costly to repair.

If your roof is in need of repairs after a storm, depending on how extensive they are, you can hire a local handyman you trust or call on a reputable roofing company to give you an estimate and fix your roof.

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