Damaged Roof Disasters

roof collapseIf you have an old or damaged roof you may not be worried about having it replaced if there haven’t been any signs of danger. However, even minor roof damage can quickly lead to bigger, and more costly, problems.

Not Just Money

Not only is a damaged roof more costly in terms of roof repair, but it can be dangerous as well. A roof isn’t just a protective covering of a building, but also one of the main supporting structures. If roof damage compromises the structural integrity of the roof, injury and death could result.

Roof collapse is most often a product of weak support beams, excessive weight or substandard roof materials. If the support beams get damaged, the roof covering will not be able to bear weight or even hold up over time. Water damage and pests, like termites, are two common culprits of weakened support beams. Excessive weight on a roof is most common in climates with a lot of snow. Not all roof materials are made to withstand the additional weight of snow on the roof, which is why choosing the right roof material is important. Further, if the roof materials installed on the building are of poor quality or violate code, even a new roof could be subject to roof collapse or other damage.

It is important that homeowners and building supervisors ensure that their roof is maintained properly and inspected routinely for problems. Catching a minor problem early could potentially save lives.

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