Arlington Texas PD Policing Roofing Contractors

Arlington Texas Police Department is keeping “shady contractors” from entering tornado damaged neighborhoods. Tuesday’s storm caused major damage to Arlington buildings and cars. No fatalities have been reported but more than a dozen people were reported injured. Mark Hannah, Insurance Council of Texas spokesman predicts the damage will run into the tens of millions of dollars. Estimated over 500 homes and businesses were damaged in Arlington.

The storm damaged neighborhoods attracted shady roofing contractors looking to take advantage of the situation. The quick response of the city to protect the homeowners was similar to that the police took after Arlington was hit with tornado’s in 2000.

Policing The Area

Arlington is requiring roofing contractors, window repairmen, general contractors and laborers to provide proof that the residents asked for their service. Security efforts are keeping unsolicited workers out of the tornado damaged neighborhoods. Police are checking ID’s of resident’s and contractors before allowing them into the regions. Those workers trying to enter without proper credentials are being met by the residents and escorted into the area.

Storm damaged storage sheds and fences will not require permits, but permits and inspections are still needed for repairs made to Arlington homes. Arlington does not plan on charging storm victims for the work permits.

Wednesday saw volunteers from neighbors, Home Depot, local churches and concerned citizens pitching in to cut up trees, clear debris and put tarps over damaged roofs.

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