Union Roofers Strike in Hammond Indiana

United Union of Roofers, Water proofers and Allied Workers Local 26 is picketing Korellis Roofing. It has been a week since the union and local contractors were at a standstill regarding the new contract.

The striking began the next day after the previous contract expired on May 31st. The union contends that contractors are using the right to work law as a reason to offer a lower increase in wage and benefits to the workers. Pete Korellis, president of Korellis Roofing says the economy is driving down the wage level, not the right to work law.

Death Threats Made To Roofing Company Owner

Korellis has delayed negotiations due to feces being left on his doorstep at his home, death threats being called in and his vehicle tires being flattened at his office. Korellis said “There needs to be accountability. Without accountability, nothing gets better. I don’t appreciate the gangster tactics that Local 26 is attempting to intimidate me with.”

An attorney for the union Don Schwartz said he is aware of the allegations and that they shouldn’t be impacting bargaining with the union. He said “The union is 100 percent in favor of only peaceful, non-violent picketing, anything other than that is not sanctioned by the union.”

Korellis said his second generation roofing company has worked with the union since opening in 1960 and believes his job is easier having workers who are union trained.

Korellis Roofing is based in Hammond Indiana with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and approximately 120 employees operating in Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area.

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